October 4th, 2011
02:36 PM ET

2001: U.S. attacks Taliban

Ten years after the war in Afghanistan began, take a look at some U.S. Department of Defense video that shows the U.S. air bombardment on the Taliban on October 7, 2001.

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  3. concernedcitizen

    Reading some comments here reveal some Americans like going to war. It's amazing how far the US propaganda and war machine has gone to convince them that war is a necessary evil. Fact is, all empires have to go go to war to maintain the balance of power on its side. With empires come corruption, human rights abuses and an ever widening gap between rich and poor. It feeds a never ending spiral of chaos and violence. I will not support this kind of government and foreign policy and I hope others will stand up, seal out and make a change without supporting the US military-industrial complex.

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  4. evan from california

    even if we have to go back like you said in 5 to 8 years that's 5 to 8 years of newer technology that we will be coming out with, better weapons, better body armor, we are humans, we are able to over come and adapt to anything or anyone they throw against us. i am a american i am able to overcome and adapt to any situation that is presented to me the soldiers in Iraq, and afghan can adapt 20x better than i can because they are trained to do that such thing, be tactical and tactically proficient

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