April 15th, 2011
08:52 AM ET

Women of Afghanistan's future

A mother and daughter from Afghanistan trying to bring change through business. CNN's Mary Snow reports.

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  1. pamiri

    Yesterday strong bomb detonated by the Taliban suicide bomber in front of the 201 military corps in Laghman (dasht Gamberi) country), which killed some officers and soldiers of the afghan national army, five international forces also have been killed by Taliban in suicide attack in the east of the country.

    Simultaneously as the international forces announced their support from the peace talks of Karzai with Taliban,Taliban Alqaeda have escalated their barbarism and cruelty against the humanity, but we are very afraid that why the OBAMA and other leaders of the world are ignoring these very shameful and barbarian activities of Taliban Alqaeda Pakistan, still they are supporting from Karzai and Pakistani their slaves in the country, it needs to be fights very hard and with stable policy against those who have killed many people in the country, We have to have very strong stable policy against Taliban and their supporters in Afghan government.

    we have some ministers in Afghan government who always support Taliban’s actions and who is defending from What Taliban have committed, it have been seen that several times when Taliban have killed humanity and have committed very shameful action , but these ministers, which one of them is education minister FARUQ WARDAK always says that Taliban don’t this or that brutal action, though the Taliban spokes man confessed what they have done.

    Till as we have had such a minister and Karzai on power, it would be difficult to succeed, but if we want to remove the barbarism and brutality from Afghanistan and region then we have to remove the figure in Afghan government who supports Taliban in one or the other ways. The one who did suicide attack in 201 military corps was a (Pashtun) military officers, this is the clear evidence to prove that there is some insurgents in ANA. This officer has had for four years in ANA according to news.

    It is clear for all that Taliban and those who have the idea of Taliban; they are the slave of Pakistan and strangers, which one of them is Mr Karzai and his favor ministers Like Faruq Wardak, Ahamdi, head of NDS, attorney general some others. These mentioned ministers are the Taliban who have the neckties, but what they think and Taliban are the same and we cannot remove the Taliban by them. We need those people on power who are against Taliban and their ideas and agenda in the country.

    From Kabul

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  2. Mikey

    Those who disparage this valiant effort towards decency and peace want only stone age living for these people. Their private agenda leaks through. And why they WANT Afghan people to NOT succeed is a mystery.

    Just why this woman's effort is denigrated is baffling. Why not wish her well and hope that she will be successful? I certainly do!

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    • salerno


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  3. salerno


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