February 17th, 2011
11:09 AM ET

Opinion: Myths about 'unwinnable' Afghanistan

The future of the war in Afghanistan is hotly debated around Washington. Hearings are promised - the latest from Sen. John Kerry's Foreign Relations Committee - as a growing number of reporters, lawmakers and activists wonder why we are in Afghanistan and what the United States can gain by remaining at war in this remote, conflict-scarred and presumably ungovernable nation.

Look more closely at the conventional wisdom on Afghanistan, however, and it is clear that some facts have been left out of the well-trod arguments about the "unwinnable" battle that has become America's longest war.

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  1. Andrew Lubin

    She's correct; Afghanistan was a succcessful country until their civil war in 1974 that led to the Taliban...Russians...Taliban. But Kerry and the politicians know this; instead of using Afghanistan as some sort of political whipping boy, they should look to the Marines in Helmand and see how VERY successully American efforts are proceeding.

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