January 22nd, 2011
09:14 AM ET

Russian-Afghan connections grow

CNN's Matthew Chance reports on the growing connections between Russia and Afghanistan.

January 22nd, 2011
09:08 AM ET

Afghan lawmakers meet as political standoff over parliament continues

Afghan lawmakers met at a hotel in the country's capital Saturday morning to discuss whether to proceed with the inauguration of parliament despite President Hamid Karzai's decision to postpone the ceremony.

Most of the 249 elected members of parliament debated the issue at Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel. They were expected to meet with Karzai later in the day and could also make a decision Saturday.

Karzai's office on Wednesday announced a one-month inauguration delay, saying that the special court on election fraud needed more time to investigate complaints from losing candidates. The decision drew criticism from the United Nations' mission in Afghanistan, and concern from analysts that it could spark ethnic divisions and more violence. FULL POST