December 20th, 2010
10:40 AM ET

Home for the holidays, then back to war

CNN's Catherine Callaway talks with an Army sergeant headed back to Afghanistan after two weeks with his family.

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  1. bryan

    there are tons of service members missing the holidays with their families so why is this guy so special? i have missed 2 christmases with my family one in iraq and now one in afghanistan and i dont get any special recognition on cnn so why does this guy. he is doing what he signed up for just like the rest of us so dont butter it up.

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  2. rebecca

    My son is in Afghanistan and I watch CNN for updates. One good thing has happened and I can not find it anywhere with CNN Mark Wahlburg visited the troops this past weekend. That was a wonderful thing for him to do. My son really appreciated it and said he was a great guy... I want him to know how wonderful I think that was for him to do that. Why has CNN not said anything about this?

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    • Bledsoe

      Now that's a very good question,rebecca.

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      • Bledsoe

        Thanks Phunnie boy,but you still haven't answered rebecca's question. Besides,you can quit calling me Daniel-2.

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  3. Maritta

    crawl under a rock where you belong yakoobbi

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    • George Patton

      Oh SHUT UP!!!!

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      • John

        That wasn't very nice,George.

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      • Bledsoe


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