December 16th, 2010
03:42 PM ET

Opinion: Rethink 'fight then talk' in Afghanistan

Editor's note: Patrick Doherty is the director of the Smart Strategy Initiative at the New America Foundation in Washington.

Despite tangible military progress in Afghanistan in recent months, the success of the Obama administration's strategy for Afghanistan will be determined by the measure of political and economic progress it brings.

For the last two years, American strategy in Afghanistan has followed the framework of "fight then talk." Under this thinking, the Taliban needed to be weakened before negotiations would begin.

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    IN other words you can all it a carrot and stick policy. What a shame that entire West for the last two centuries have been using the same logic in occupation of our homelands and then pay for this with humiliations. The area or region where Americans have landed has totally different history and strategic location, empowering its inhabitants to live on own terms not on dictated ones. Here only talks can make the difference and we live under jirga(Assembly) system and we can be won through good logic and good reason not through bunker busters or cruise missiles( American sticks). This has been proved during last nine years occupation therefore do not waste time further in what has already failed. Come clear, take back your sticks before same is

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    • Dan in Lafayette, IN

      Good post,BANGASH. Thank you.

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      • Dan in Lafayette, IN

        What's that supposed to mean,Pfunnie boy? Is that Tea Party slang for something dirty? These Tea Partiers have such dirty minds just like you do!!!

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  2. Joel2208

    All this right-wing propaganda is getting awfully old and boring!!!!!!!

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