December 10th, 2010
11:11 AM ET

Life among U.S. enemies: Embedded with the Taliban

Editor's Note: CNN's "Taliban" documentary explores filmmaker Paul Refsdal's embed with the Taliban and reveals the Taliban at war and at rest, preparing weapons and coordinating ambushes, praying, playing, even at home with their families. It airs on CNN TV Saturday, December 11, 8 p.m. ET

Rarely seen by outsiders, the daily life of a regional Taliban commander named Dawran and his militant fighters is dominated by extremes: love and war, attack and retreat, life and death.

For nine days in October 2009, Norwegian journalist Paul Refsdal was behind the lines with the Taliban, embedded as no Western filmmaker before him. And he was there to witness firsthand the jarring juxtapositions in Dawran's life, at turns - directing an attack against U.S. forces in Afghanistan's treacherous mountains - then hours later at home, a father playing with his children.

To capture these intimate and unprecedented images, Refsdal risked his life to embed with Dawran and his fighters in Kunar Province - the northeastern region where al Qaeda is active and Osama bin Laden was once rumored to be hiding.

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    Thank you CNN for removing at least some of the graffitti vomited in here by this jerk who calls himself Bledsoe(not to confuse him with the true Bledsoe). I get so sick and tired of looking at it.

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