December 9th, 2010
12:41 PM ET

Salute to 1LT Jay Warren

Lauralea Warren penned a salute to her husband 1st Lieutenant Jay Warren, currently deployed in Afghanistan.

"Jay I want you to know how much we appreciate all that you’ve sacrificed for our family. We love you and support you in all that you do. You are the perfect role model for our son and one incredible father. Thank you so much Jay, and we love you!"

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December 9th, 2010
12:33 PM ET

Kidnapped by the Taliban

Norwegian freelance journalist Paul Refsdal was kidnapped by the Taliban in November of 2009.

Editor's Note: CNN's "Taliban" documentary explores filmmaker Paul Refsdal's embed with the Taliban and reveals the Taliban at war and at rest, preparing weapons and coordinating ambushes, praying, playing, even at home with their families. It airs on CNN TV Saturday, December 11, 8 p.m. ET

In November 2009, Norwegian freelance journalist Paul Refsdal is riding in a pick-up truck on a dusty track of Afghan road. The Taliban have kidnapped him.

If the truck turns right, he knows he's being sold to another militant group. A left turn means his kidnappers have decided to let him go.

His journey started when Refsdal, who wanted to document the daily lives of the Taliban, accepted the invitation of a Taliban commander to film him and his fighters. Refsdal later accompanied another Taliban commander, Omar, to his hideout on a second embed.

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December 9th, 2010
12:19 PM ET

In midst of Afghan review, Pentagon officials suddenly circumspect

It was a double-take, what-did-he-say moment at the Pentagon Wednesday morning when the official spokesman ducked a question about whether the U.S. military is making progress in Afghanistan.

Usually that would have been a slam-dunk for the military. Defense Department officials miss no opportunity to point out successes and highlight achievements in the war in Afghanistan - usually. But the latest, looming, soon-to-be released White House review of Afghanistan strategy is stifling such talk for now.

"I'm not one to judge," said Col. Dave Lapan about progress in Afghanistan, at the regular off-camera meeting in his Pentagon office. "There are lots of people who have been intimately involved in this process. I'm not one of them so I'm not going to give my idea."

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