November 30th, 2010
09:47 AM ET

Galbraith: Karzai 'emotional, unstable'

Former U.S. diplomat Peter Galbraith says leaked classified documents confirm his assessment of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

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  3. Janai

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  4. Smith in Oregon

    Sure as American's learn more and more about the utter corrupt nature of the Karzai Clan, their widely alleged connection with the CIA and massive Heroin export trade, the vast sums of BILLIONS in freshly minted 100 dollar bills distributed by the US Military Officials as bribes in sacks and even in entire PALLETS to War Lords, Drug Lords, Utterly Corrupt Government Officials and even Pakistan Taliban Commanders as BRIBES. YES, many American's are waking up to what the Afghanistan people have loudly stated for nearly 9 full years. That the Karzai Clan in their view is MORE CORRUPT than the Taliban he replaced!

    What ALL American's should be actively asking is WHEN did the Karzai Clan become so utterly corrupt?
    It appears painfully obvious that the entire Karzai Clan was utterly corrupt BEFORE the CIA and Bush jr. handpicked him to become Afghanistan's President. The corresponding Afghanistan Presidential elections have largely been denounced as a Sham and a utter Fraud placing Hamid Karzai as a Dictator not a democratically elected leader in Afghanistan, propped up solely by the machine guns of the American troops.

    The Karzai Clan was utterly corrupt LONG before the CIA and Bush jr. chose him to be Afghanistan's President.

    Sacrificing American lives to prop up a petty corrupt Dictator and his corrupt Family is WRONG and goes against all that Americans hold sacred and value.

    December 3, 2010 at 1:15 am | Report abuse |
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  8. Dan in Lafayette, IN

    Boy I'd hate to be in your shoes come judgment day, you have a lot of lies to be sucking up, to God for! I knew you Muslims hated Paul but to show such disrespect for the man who gave Christianity life should even make Jesus mad!

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  9. Dan in Lafayette, IN

    I don't dream, But I do have the three most important things in life, LOVE, FAITH AND HOPE for all those with eyes and ears but can't see or hear, but one day they shall bow down to Jesus!

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    • Dan in Lafayette, IN

      Do you not remember what I told you about Paul when he was blinded by Jesus for a short while because he was persecuting the early Christians. This man was a pharisee and became a reborn Christian! Unlike you and your 360 degree who persecute and kill Christians because of their faith that Jesus is the Christ or Messiah he became a true believer and wrote most of the new testament in the Holy Bible which IS GOD'S WORD!

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    Basically Karzai like all his predecessors, presently in trouble for saying in favor of Afghans and Afghanistan. During last two centuries British Empire in India used to invade Kabul removing the non compliant rulers and replacing them with compliant one. Karzai was American brand, besieged in a president palace at Kabul under the guard of Italian commandos for nine years. During Taliban Govt heroin business had finished but during US occupation all previous record of heroin production have been beaten. Use of heroin's black money has always been the most effective weapon of CIA in such high value intelligence operations which they have already used in Latin American states. So Karzai,s brother might have been used in this business and now putting all blame on his shoulders in fact like killing two birds with single shot as on the one hand they will get rid of the non compliant and rebellious karzai and on the other will show the world how they are against drugs trafficking. Making the world fool was possible in last centuries but in this new millinium and media revolution this is no more possible to make the world fool any more.

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    • Riza Afghan

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      grow up Kid 😉

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    • Dan in Lafayette, IN

      You will see the truth when Jesus tells you to go away I do not know you!

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    • Bledsoe


      November 30, 2010 at 5:53 pm | Report abuse |

      I do not like your way of presentation on this highly important global forum. I hate your sticking to Hindus which is defaming Islam and Muslims. My aim is to inform my fellow human beings of US atrocities in this part of the world but your irrelevant comments always destroy my these sincere efforts. Being Muslims we can hate only those who are harmful for humanity and comparatively Hindus are better then these cow boys and death merchants. So please excuse me and leave me to do my job and also request you to turn your attention towards the real culprits and do not waste your energies on baseless bashing of Hindus.

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