November 19th, 2010
10:16 AM ET

Gen. Petraeus goes to NATO

CNN's Barbara Starr sits down with ISAF Commander Gen. David Petraeus to discuss Afghanistan.

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  1. LarryKegel(US Army)

    Lieberman calls North Korea a âCrazy Regimeâ
    Israel National News Tue, 23 Nov 2010 08:20 AM PST
    Follow Israel news on and . Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called the North Korean regime âcrazyâ following its bombing of military installation on a South Korean Island 57 years after an armistice that ended the three years of fighting between North and South Korean War.

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    • Bledsoe


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  2. LarryKegel(US Army)

    Palestinians Criticize Israeli Land Bill
    Voice of America Tue, 23 Nov 2010 08:21 AM PST
    Parliament passes bill that would make it difficult for Israel to withdraw from captured territories of East Jerusalem or Golan Heights

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    • Bledsoe


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  3. LarryKegel(US Army)

    B: You have that eight... Those that don't support Our Troops are crazy!!!

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  4. B.

    Support our troops. General Petraeus and NATO troops definitely need to know we support them. Even though we may not know details, one might assume that leadership in Afghanistan knows a)*that* General Petraeus and allied troops are there and b)*why* General Petraeus and allied troops are there. 'Nuff said?

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  5. Nightmare

    @Everyone above – One- People are far too concerned with being politcally correct. We are fighting a war, people out here are being killed by the hundreds... I dont care what tone a General, who has been doing this longer than most of you have been alive, uses towards a senator. Politicians sit oin the sidelines and no real grasp on on the horrors that take place. The situation in Afghanistan is simply a game to them, a political tool to sway voter's opinions. Two – what about all the wemon and children that are being killed daily by the terrorist? Quite frankly I sleep like a baby knowing that there are a few less cowardly individuals who resort to blowing themselves up to "prove their point". If you truly believe that you "live by Allah's time" and "everything happens by Allah's will" then you do not have permission to blow yourself up. Three – Afghanistan was a stable nation? Where are you from? If you know anything about history, Afghanistan has not had stability since the Persian Empire fell. No country in the middle east has. Are we gonna be able to just waltz right in and fix that? Of course not, but that doesnt mean we shouldnt do eveything in our power to assist. We screwed up when we left in the 80's, which has led us to our policy of cleaning up after ourselves now. We created this war by lending our aid to them against the USSR then leaving when they needed us most. As a result, we must now go back in and fix our mistakes. Regardless of how this situation is looking, we must stay and fix it. Its been said a thousand times "do it right the first time so you dont have to do it again". No officer is perfect, no man is perfect, Gen Petraeus is doing everything that he can do in a horrible situation. He is playing with the cards he has been delt and we must not forget that he can see the big picture far better than we can being as that he has information that is classified and not released to the public. He has information that even the President cant see, given that the President only has a departmental security clearance. These men are mortal like the rest of us, and as such can only be expected to do what they feel is correct in a given situation.

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  6. ray gibbs

    for now, our General gets the benefit of every doubt. and yes, our hopes rise and fall with him. as does the hope any dignified future the brave, deserving women Afghanistan.

    what might we do? leverage, leverage the 'Net, the 'Net. for coming together Regional leaders to settle this War.

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  7. Ken

    @RightTurnClyde, probably ur too young to know that Afghans were a stable naiton before we bank rolled our war against USSR. We have cashed on the investment by disintergrating USSR but left these simple ppl in the ditch with war n distrcution. We often do that to our non Nato allies .

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  8. RSAT4

    Hey Gen, just tell them that you are resigning and you can't kill woman and chilldren no more. Tell them every time you try to sleep you always see blood flooding your room.

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    • seeitthrough

      RSAT4<<<<<<<<you have no idea what you speaking about, your one of those people who always sit on the sideline! I bet you never been outside the US or Europe, why don't you get on a plane and visit Afghanistan, take a few pictures and then come back with a real opinion. Get real...

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      • RSAT4

        @Seeitthrough, I dont know if my English is that bad, anyway its my third language. If you read very well my post you will see that I dont like whats happening in Afg. If I had money I was gonna go there and fight Americans with stones. Iam African have picture of what is going on there and wish it can end soon.

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      • Mah_nas

        You should have got real in 1980s and gone to Afghanistan and seen how Afghans sacrificed blood and life only to be stabbed in the back by Americans. What you sow, so shall you reap! Have a life and do go to Afganistan without Missiles and drones.

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    • Dan in Lafayette, IN

      Well put RSAT4,although that bozo is acting under orders from the right-wing thugs in Washington.

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      • Bledsoe


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  9. RightTurnClyde

    Afghans wil still be fightong somebody in 3011 - and we all know it. Face it. That's how they live.

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  10. RightTurnClyde

    Hopefully he has learned to talk respectfully to Barbara Boxer , well at least call her "Senator," she feels like she's earned it (perhaps; or maybe bought it .. whatever .. she is Senator and she wanted to sound like Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men") (remember he said "call be Colonel, I've earned it"). So that's how she learns the stuff (in the movies) she says. So he is all they got to fix NATO but he'd better be PC with Barbara or else.

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  11. Greg

    What does one expect the jerk to say? I, for one expect the same old thing as always, nothing new.

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    • Bledsoe


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    • LarryKegel(US Army)

      Just what You just said that is what!!!

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