In Pakistan, 21 dead in Karachi violence
October 19th, 2010
11:19 AM ET

In Pakistan, 21 dead in Karachi violence

At least 21 people died when gunmen on motorbikes opened fire
in a Karachi marketplace on Tuesday, police in Pakistan said.

Others were injured in the attack, said Rafiq Gul, a senior police
official of Karachi. Violence since Saturday in Karachi has left dozens dead.

In Tuesday's incident, six gunmen riding on three motorbikes carried out
the attack, Gul said.

Police believe recent violence in the city is connected to the
assassination of a prominent politician in August.

The killings began Saturday ahead of a provincial by-election to replace
the assassinated lawmaker from the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, a liberal
political party whose stronghold is Karachi.

The MQM, one of the largest parties in Pakistan, is part of President
Asif Ali Zardari's ruling coalition.

The Awami National Party, a political rival to MQM, boycotted the vote -
which the MQM won by a vast majority - after demands to use election monitors
were rejected.

The MQM mainly represents Urdu-speaking people, who migrated to Pakistan
from India during partition in 1947, while the Awami National Party represents
Pashto speakers - more of whom are moving to Karachi from northwest Pakistan
for jobs.

MQM is wary of the potential strengthening of a second political or
ethnic group in its stronghold of Karachi, and the two parties have been
engaged in bloody battles for years.

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  1. Tyrone


    Only in America can police officers justify burning and shooting a 7 year old black sleeping child ( Aiyana Jones)! Only in America can a black innocent man be shot 41 times and the cops are back at work with a not guilty verdict (Mr.Diallo) 22 years old! Before the body was put in the ground! (Sean Bell) 23 years old (Kathryn Johnston) 92 years old.... All black people all murdered by cops! All murdered in America by American cops! Not the taliban, not oversea terrorist nobody from Iraq or Afghanistan no AMERICAN COPS! From 7 years old to 92 years old it does not matter the age! IF THE MURDER VICTIM IS BLACK! Cops have shot two year old black children! It's never a bullet in the, leg it's never one shot! NO NO NO when it's black Americans or the skin is black! Police shoot 39 to 41 to 50 to 100 at unarmed black children and adult. So on 10/19/2010 when a black college football player parked in a fire lane outside a bar sped away from police rapping on his car window! Cops said he hit an officer who clung to the hood as the sedan barreled toward a colleague, and was killed by a burst of police gunfire that pierced his windshield and his heart! That was the authorities side of the story! But the father of a passenger in the car. Who witness the entire incident said that the driver headed away because he thought police wanted him to move! - He totally denied that an officer was struck by the car. Danroy "DJ" Henry, 20, had just played for Pace University in front of screaming fans during its homecoming football game against Stonehill College of Easton, Mass. The junior defensive player's hometown. Hours later, hysterical students screamed on the sidewalk outside a strip mall as authorities tried to revive the wounded Henry, who at first had been handcuffed. On top of shooting a unarmed man that could have just misunderstood the rapping on his windows! The police handcuff a dying black man! Only in America shooting out the tire is not a option. Or getting a licence plate number and tracking the person down later! Only in America and it seem only if the person is black shoot first and asked question later!Then just tell the family TOO-BAD-SO-SAD we had to make a spilt second decision" or we thought he or she had a gun. Or the more famous " I fear for my life!

    October 19, 2010 at 2:50 pm | Report abuse |
    • The Prophet Mohammed

      Tyrone- 1st, What does this have to do with Afghanistan? Absolutely nothing. 2nd, if you live in an area where this is a problem, you have choices, like protesting (not rioting and looting), and voting, it's not your RIGHT to vote, it's your RESPONSIBILITY. The first order of business is to vote anyone out who isn't taking a decisive stance against racism and holding police officers accountable, to include Judges (yes they are elected too). Don't give us your problems, become part of the solution.
      There is another option too, you can have your skin bleached, it seems to have worked for Michael Jackson...

      October 20, 2010 at 3:29 am | Report abuse |