October 12th, 2010
02:24 PM ET

New face, new life

Aisha was 19 years old when CNN first told her story - a survivor of persistent abuse. Her husband — a member of the Taliban — sliced off her nose and ears after a Taliban court in Oruzgan ruled she had brought shame to the family by running away. Now, she unveils her new nose and begins a new life in America.

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Karzai on the Taliban, bin Laden, corruption and more
October 12th, 2010
01:02 PM ET

Karzai on the Taliban, bin Laden, corruption and more

In an exclusive interview, CNN's Larry King talked to Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Monday night in a wide-ranging interview, from talking to the Taliban to rumors that the Afghan leader is manic-depressive. Read the full story

Watch some excerpts from the interview:
Karzai: There is a corruption problem
Karzai: Osama bin Laden not here
Karzai: Relations with Obama are good
Karzai: Manic claims 'rather funny'

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October 12th, 2010
12:56 PM ET

NATO convoys moving again

After 11 days of waiting, supplies for NATO troops are on the move again as hundreds of fuel tankers and container trucks roll through the Torkham border crossing toward the Khyber Pass bound for Afghanistan. Pakistan closed the crossing for NATO trucks after a border incident involving Pakistani troops and a U.S. helicopter on September 30 that left two Pakistani border soldiers dead.

But the closure of this main transit route for NATO goods into Afghanistan has left a huge backlog, and American military vehicles continue to sit out in the open with very little security to protect them from attacks.

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October 12th, 2010
12:44 PM ET

1 dead in RPG strike at chopper

An Afghan interpreter was killed and eight people were wounded when a rocket-propelled grenade was fired at a coalition helicopter in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday, NATO's International Security Assistance Force said.

The incident occurred in Kunar province. A CH-47 Chinook helicopter had just landed and had been off-loading when the RPG was fired into the cargo bay. Seven ISAF servicemembers and an Afghan Border Police officer were injured. FULL POST

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October 12th, 2010
12:42 PM ET

ICRC: Kandahar casualties reflect worsening security

War casualties in a Kandahar hospital are "hitting record highs," figures that illustrate the "deteriorating security situation" in southern Afghanistan, the International Committee for the Red Cross said on Tuesday. FULL POST

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