September 28th, 2010
11:22 AM ET
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  1. Addellaalanda

    el punto de vista Competente, es curioso.

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  2. Kriss

    Jason, you met my daughter in the DFAC at Sharana while you were there waiting for SGT Shorter to arrive. She is a Physical Therapist with the Curahees. Thanks for sharing the information with us.

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  3. janahul the crazy USA Kaggula (reads Cagula ) Fighter

    hell with ya !

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  4. Mike roller

    CNN get it right the Sgt. Is really a Sgt 1st class. Show some respect for the rank.
    MA2 retired combat veteran.

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  5. Smith in Oregon

    Many of these IED's are being planted by the Afghanistan people who are protesting against America and NATO country's occupying their country's. Does this look like 'winning the hearts and minds of the Afghanistan people'? America's CIA trained the 'mujadeen' fighters across Afghanistan to create and build IED's to destroy the Soviet Union's vehicles. Seems ironic or 'karmic' to see such horrible casualty's being inflicted now upon American and NATO soldiers.

    When the Taliban return to run Afghanistan, they'll quickly eradicate the Opium poppy fields as they large did previously, stopping the tidal wave of Heroin flooding the world which began with the Republican administration of Bush-Cheney who oversaw the planting of Opium poppy's in all 37 provinces across Afghanistan.

    What else will change other than the immediate ouster of the CIA handpicked and utterly corrupt Hamid Karzai Afghanistan government? America didn't make a substantial push for women's rights across Afghanistan, didn't arm nor train them in self-defense, didn't guard their education centers, didn't push to educate Afghanistan women. Their pathetic existence probably won't be much worse now under the Taliban.

    Business and store owners across Afghanistan view Karzai's 'shake and bake' government and the US created regional governments as entirely corrupt, more corrupt than the Taliban in their own view. Their view is things would improve after America leaves Afghanistan and the Taliban take over.

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  6. dindy Sri lanka

    May lord "s spirit be with them and GUIDE them both Jason and all the troops !!Also May God be with all the innocent civilians with their Sheep in the valley. May God be their shield of victory. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Also May lord help all the terrorists to come to salvation too and to reconcile so there will be a better Afghanistan.!!

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  7. HumminBird813

    Thank you moms!!! How brave and strong you all must be! I am a young bride and my husband is being deployed soon. Its reassuring to know our troops are supported. Thank you CNN, thank you soldiers 🙂

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  8. LaNora

    I am a proud Army mom son has been there for over a month. God Bless him and keep all our troops safe!! I love you Joe!

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  9. Jo Jo

    My son is graduating from Medic school this Friday and has been assigned to this brigade (101st Airborne 4th Brigade Currahees) and will be joining them soon. It is so helpful for me to see all this. Thank you CNN, it really does help us family members back in the States to understand all they will be going through.

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    • LarryKegel(US Army)

      I hope He is going as a Medic and not one of the fighters??? Even today We need as many Medics as We can get!!!

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      • Jo Jo

        Yes he will a medic, he loves it. His dad is a doctor so it runs in the family.

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  10. Another Proud Army Mom

    *Thank you"

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    • Andy

      What an obnoxious jerk, report him i just did.

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  11. Another Proud Army Mom

    Wow! Tbank you CNN for airing these videos! It's imortant to show what our soldiers are doing and what they go through every day. My son is in the same company as Sgt. Shorter – proud as can be! Stay safe, Currahees!

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