August 26th, 2010
10:20 PM ET

Golfing in Kabul

A dirt road leads to the "Kabul Golf Club," the only golf course in Afghanistan. The course was opened in 1967, but shut down when the Taliban gained power in Afghanistan's civil war.

The nine-hole course reopened in 2004 - after the fairways were cleared of abandoned Soviet tank parts, artillery pieces and mines. (More on the golf course)

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  2. Daniel-2

    Dan in Lafayette,IN. gesetzt ihm in Ihr Ohr.

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  3. Eric

    Again with the rhetoric? It opened in 1967 for goodness sake. It's been a crime against God and man for forty three (43) years. What about football (soccer), Cricket, Jump Rope, Kite Flying, Dancing, Poetry Reading, Singing, Whistling, Painting pictures.................. are these afronts to God and Man? Like I said in past retorts, get your feet planted on the planet, your head in the here and now. And if you really wanted to answer my question of the Afghan peoples future you would have answered each point. Be unreasonable and answer each of them. And please don't use the veil of religion to mask your true feelings. Or at least what you want to say.

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  4. Larry Valecia, Calif.US Army Forever...

    Good for the Muslim Elitists in Afghanistan.One more thing to make NATO look good.

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    • Gary Johndro


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        Wilma i'm home!

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