Photo Spotlight: Stuck in a rut
August 24th, 2010
10:08 AM ET

Photo Spotlight: Stuck in a rut

U.S. Marines help push an Afghan farmer's tractor out of sand near a patrol base in the town of Amir Agha, Afghanistan. The Marines are from 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 7, supporting the International Security Assistance Force.

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  1. bangash

    This is the proper way to win the hearts and minds of Afghan PEOPLE. Afghans are very simple and straight forward. They very much understand and can make the difference between the good and bad. No one has imposed their will on them but by obliging them they will prove friends with the strong will. Understand them and in return get the most loyal and trustworthy friends however never come with gun in hand or rule them through the barrel of a gun as this make them crazy and will make you suffer as has been proved during last two centuries qnd nine years of US occupation. So pack up your guns and tanks and send your doctors Engineers and social workers and rebuild their destroyed infrastructure so that they could be convinced that you are their friend otherwise your these bombs, killings and destruction, they see for the last three decades and no where they have seen or you have proved that you are a friend but with these guns in your hands you look a bandit. See the history you will learn that no bandit, how much stronger he is, has never won and has left with humiliation. So helping these Afghans in pushing their tractor trolley might have made a place in their heart but the guns hanging from their shoulder might have made them feel the otherwise. This is a sincere advice from an eyewitness from the war front and main affectee in the war between Alqaida-Taliban and USA. We had and have expectations from President Obama that he will honor his commitment with American nation to CHANGE America and make it in line with the basic national values, agreed in the declaration of independence. Universal justice, Equality, and fraternity has been committed by US founding fathers which Bush and his predecessors in collaboration with few weapons industrialists violated for the interest of few. Election of President Obama, being an African-American immigrant on the slogan for a CHANGE, is in itself a revolution in American public opinion. The sooner this goal is achieved the better will be its outcome for America and rest of the world. According to UN survey if half of the billions of dollars spent on war in Iraq and Afghanistan, would have been spent on the welfare of human beings it would have enabled every individual in this world to get clean drinking water, free education and food. CHANGE must mean an end to all military adventures and promotion, for forcing the world to comply or take the world along and make it a village for all human beings in this Universe

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  2. fart

    You're welcome

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