August 17th, 2010
01:28 PM ET

John Kerry in Afghanistan

The Afghan president met with a top U.S. senator Tuesday and asked for a review of Washington's Afghanistan war strategy, the president's office said in a statement.

President Hamid Karzai discussed the issue with Sen. John Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat who is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Karzai spoke about the letter he sent to U.S. President Barak Obama about the review of war strategy and fighting terrorism.

Karzai said that the war won't be successful until there's "a clear explanation of who is friend and who is foe and until we focus on the bases and roots" of terror.

"This is why there is a need for reviewing the goals and strategy of war," Karzai said.

Participants in the meeting included Dr. Rangin Spanta, Afghanistan's national security adviser; U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry and Gen. David Petraeus, the top international military official in the country.

Karzai told officials that they should avoid actions that disturb Afghans and discussed his plans to shut down private security firms.

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  1. bangash

    There is no doubt that President Karzai has always given sincere suggestions to Americans but unfortunately he is always, probably intentionally ignored. After 9/11 incident when American forces landed on Bagram Airport and marched on capital Kabul. Taliban had already disappeared therefore without any resistance Kabul was captured. Mullah Umar was in Kandahar, commanding his forces while Karzai, as an ally of USA, was leading his side, and probably through Mullah Naqibullah negotiating with Mullah Umar for peaceful surrender of Kandahar. Both sides agreed when Karzai assured that Mullah Umar and his followers will be safe. Accordingly Mullah Umar surrendered Kandahar but next day US secretary defense Rumsfield rejected the deal and told media that he cannot see Mullah Umar roaming free and secure in Afghanistan. He knew that if Taliban were separated from Alqaida then within two months Alqaida would have been finished and then they would have no reason to extend their stay and build strong military bases in Afghanistan. Now after 9 years Americans and whole world have realized that Karzai was right in dealing with Mullah Umar and is right even today when he talks about negotiated settlement with the Taliban. Today majority of Afghans and Pakistani public have reached the conclusion that America and Alqaida are in fact one against us as in this war on terror only we both states have suffered, our homes and towns are under fire, and fastly loosing our lives and property while USA and Alqaida are using only Dollars. I request President Karzai to ask Pakistan to understand friends and foe then asking America which has never been a friend of both but have always used us in extension of their world empire. No doubt we have no reason to doubt sincerity of the President Obama who American nation has elected for changing this America of Bush and his predecessors but we see that American public opinion has no value before the main decision makers which ex President Bill Clinton had publicly confessed that US president act on dictations, not on his own. Now American public have spoken and we here in Pakistan and Afghanistan too should dare to call the spade a spade and fully resist the will of these few in Afghanistan, Pakistan and USA whom in this death merchandise have faced whole humanity in this universe with extreme humiliating end. This is a universal Truth which we all are bound to follow if wish to escape of further humiliations.

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  2. Smith in Oregon

    Russia will begin helping Iran load nuclear fuel rods into the civilian Bushehr nuclear reactor this Saturday. If Israel were to bomb the civilian Bushehr reactor after the fuel rods are loaded, that would likely spread radioactive fallout thru-out that region, greatly bringing direct condemnation on Israel thru-out the entire Middle East.

    Previously Israel bombed Iraq's civilian nuclear reactor just prior to it's being loaded with fuel rods and operational. Israel also bombed an alleged fuel rod conversion plant in Syria before it was fully operational. Odd's are that Israel will do the same to Iraq, however there is much more at stake with both Russia and China's interest in Iran and North Korea closely following the affairs in Iran.

    Iran has leased and purchased some of the worlds most advanced tunneling machines and has used them to build extensive military complexes deep within Iranian mountains making them entirely immune to conventional bunk-busting aerial bombs. Each of those would take Multiple Nuclear bombs to destroy them. Israel could attack them with conventional bunker busting aerial bombs in a crass and callous attempt to draw America into a war against Iran, but that would only anger Iran and do nothing in regards to destroying those targets.

    Meanwhile America has massed a large Naval 'war-games' off the shore of Korea. Obviously the overwhelming concern by the US Military is that Israel attacks Iran and North Korea attacks South Korea in response. Many American lives hang in the balance and Iran is following the NPT International treaty entirely. When is Israel held to obeying International Laws?

    Russian inspectors and engineers would likely be killed and undoubtedly Russia would respond by placing S-300 advanced anti-aircraft missile battery's across Iran's military complex sites which Iran has allegedly already paid Russia for but have not received delivery of them.

    It looks like yet another difficult week for international affairs brought on by Israel's current war drumming government. Under International Law, Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has International legal rights to obtain and use civilian nuclear reactors for Science, Medical and Electrical Power generation purposes. When is the world going to hold and force Israel to obey International Laws?

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  3. Bledsoe

    Must you use that Tea Party lingo,Riza?The English language already has a very extensive vocabulary without that kind of talk so the Tea Party lingo is not necessary.

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  4. Bledsoe

    Another Washington politician bought off by the MIC(military-industrial-complex).No wonder we can't get out of Afghanistan!Enough is enough and don't let Phunnie Boy tell you any different when he blogs in here under my name and he will.

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