August 3rd, 2010
10:03 PM ET
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  1. Joanne Long

    In her introductin to this report, Barbara Starr said we'd see the effect of the policy putting the welfare of Afghan civilians ahead of that of our own troops. She meant, of course, that the escalating number of our soldiers' terrible injuries and deaths result from the prohibition against firing before they're that no civilians are present - an impossible task, given the nature of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    But, though the program offered much information on the excellent, prompt medical care given the wounded troops, and the aid given to them by the VA and volunteer organizations as the survivors recover and seek training, housing and employment, nothing more was said of the key factor that Starrr had mentioned at the outset: that our troops are being maimed and killed in ever-increasing numbers because President Obama has required our military commanders to prohibit our soldiers from defending themselves. Isn't that odd? Or, for CNN, perhaps not.

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  2. Charles J. Giles 9/11 First Responder / Survivor

    What can I say. Barbara Star's Report Journey Home was Phenominal. It shows that we Americans must appreciate, Support & Value the efforts of the Most Fierce Military in the World. I served in EMS for 17 years until I was injured on 9/11.I am now Bed Confined. I would have been honored & Humbled to be a Flight Medic for OUR HERO's that fight everyday so that All Americans can have Our Freedoms. Unfortunatly Freedom does come at a Cost. For Those who have made the Final Journey Thank You & May You rest in Peace & for those who have been injured May God watch Over You & Your Families & Thank You fro giving me my Freedoms. To Barbara & Cnn, God Bless You for such a phenominal Outstanding, Moving Story. America saw tonight what Our Heroes go Through. Thank You CNN.

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  3. James Martin

    The hug at 40 seconds gives the impression of being fake even if it wasn't. SPC Reddin was woefully unprepared for being in front of a camera. The audience understands she is glad to be helping troops, but people will misinterpret several of her comments. She should never have revealed some of the injuries in such a manner. The reporter set her up for failure. It is difficult seeing some of these injuries at 27 years old, but it is also difficult being on a convoy at 19 years old. The question that solicited her response made her look self-centered. It is difficult being in the military regardless of age or background.
    I am glad to see this story showing how we bring servicemembers home, but it feels like there is an agenda. It could have been a serious look at how the US military is helping our own or showing some of the shortcomings. However, the whole thing looks and feels wrong. It will be interesting to see if CNN follows these same troops through discharge and into Veterans Affairs. That is something I would like to see as it will show the process and any shortcomings.

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  4. Deck52

    Well when I finish up my nursing degree I know what I will be doing.

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  5. nathan bledsoe

    I am a %100 ptsd service connected ARMY INFANTRY veteran, who was put in jail for four months for trying to kill myself a while back. Its sad that service members have to suffer for others mistakes.

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  6. Evan Mark

    Learn about who the Taliban really are;

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    • BBerry

      What do you think about those blood thirst war mongers on the other side? Don't you think them of the same kind? Don't give me the action-reaction BS.

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    • Janice Cook

      GOD BLESS ALL OUR TROOPS...... I'm a Mom of one of these soldiers who treats and transfers the wounded-Staff Sargent Leslie Cook is my son.

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