July 27th, 2010
07:46 AM ET

Strikes in eastern Afghanistan target Haqqani network militant

Afghan and international forces targeting a militant commander launched several "precision strikes" in eastern Afghanistan, NATO's International Security Assistance Force said.

The Monday strikes targeted a bunker complex in a remote area of Paktiya province, where intelligence sources believed the commander was hiding. It is not yet known whether the commander died.

The militant, who was not identified, was part of the Haqqani network, a group with links to the Taliban, and was responsible for the Khost-Gardez pass region, officials said. ISAF said the commander "regularly directs and conducts attacks against Afghan and coalition forces and is in regular contact with top Haqqani leadership across the border in Pakistan."

"These strikes were meticulously conducted against a known and extremely dangerous senior leader within the Haqqani network," said Col. Rafael Torres, an ISAF spokesman. "The insurgents are regularly smuggling foreign fighters across the borders of Afghanistan to bring violence and instability to the Afghan people."

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  1. planet
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  2. W.A

    Two US drone attacks have left at least eight people dead in Pakistan's northwestern tribal region amid growing discontent over the issue.

    Officials say at least four people were killed and two others wounded in the latest attack on Dargah Mandi village in North Waziristan.

    In an earlier attack, US drones fired two missiles at a compound in South Waziristan, killing four.

    US drones have targeted the region several times over the past two days.

    The US has carried out numerous such attacks on Pakistan's tribal areas. About 1, 000 people - mostly civilians - have been killed over the past two years.

    Washington claims the strikes target militants. Islamabad has repeatedly condemned the attacks, saying they violate Pakistan's sovereignty.

    The issue of civilian casualties has strained relations between Islamabad and Washington with the Pakistani government repeatedly objecting to the attacks.

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  3. W.Anderson

    India is important for Afghanistan becuase India is the end of the TAPI Pipeline.....if the US can stabalize Afghanistan and the pipline can be built it will help isolate Iran....

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  4. nannikapoor

    Pakistan is a bone stuck in the US throat. Wikileaks or no leaks it has to accommodate Pakistan which controls Taliban. The trouble with announcing the draw down dates is that Taliban and Pakistan are both waiting for 2011. In the interim Pakistan will play the good Taliban Bad Taliban as per US tunes, thereafter it will be free for all in Afghanistan – back to before 9 / 11

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