July 26th, 2010
03:02 PM ET
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  1. Saganist

    I think an important corner has been turned with the release of this info.

    There is lots of crapola that has been going on in response to 9/11. I always saw the Bush admin response to 9/11 as the perfect excuse to fatten up the right-wing/hawk community. It seemed to be really weak in specifically targeted reply to those few individuals involved but really fat on wide-ranging increases in military spending. In other words, funneling money to the military, its suppliers and of course the now bloated intelligence community. Why? Because they are for the most part Republican supporters.

    These leaks confirm that the US had 'all the wrong people' In the field, and that military operations were way off the 'win hearts and minds' and 'specifically target the responsibles' intended policies.

    Rather it was as though the US military were gumming things up and trying to create a huge islamic foe so as to justify incresed miltary and intelligence spending.

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  2. Jerry

    Let's just hope that these leaks might erode the popularity of this obnoxious war and wake the public up to the very follie of Obama's vendetta against Islam!!!

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    • Grimlock

      Lemme' ask you something.

      If Obama wanted to destroy Islam, as you love to claim, wouldn't it be best to start at home?

      IE, demolishing every mosque, Muslim university, etc, in the country?

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  3. L.M.

    About all this, I believe America is not doing the right thing. I stumbled upon this Vietnam era mission statement: http://www.archive.org/details/gov.ntis.ava17237vnb1

    Replace these words:

    Vietnam = Afghanistan
    Viet-cong = Taliban
    Communism = Radical or Extremist Islam and terrorism

    A failed strategy and tactics then, and now. America has not learned that the only way to win a "war" is total war, like world war II.

    Otherwise, I would suggest finishing the decapitation or Al-Quaeda's leadership with special ops and a clear retaliation statement to the world being disclosed. Ex. If American people, interest or material is destroyed in X manner, retaliation will be Y. And so on and so forth. Knowing in advance, if a foreign gov wants to arbour these guys, they will know the consequences in advance.

    Thank you.

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