July 25th, 2010
06:36 PM ET
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  1. James Maloy

    The issues here are very complex and involve many countries. Any decision should consider them all plus Us other concerns. Little can be said in a few words. I have never been to the area but am attempting to get some knowledge of many of the actors. From today's news I would of course mention Pakistan and will gladly mention just 1 I am now reading among many I've ordered. It is Pakistan: Can the US Secure an Insecure State by Fair et al, Rand Corporation, 2010. In the mail today came Ethnic Conflict and Civil Life: Hindus and Muslims in India. I will not list any more. I will gladly talk with anyone serious about the complex issues involved and perhaps we will both become a little more informed. – Jim

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    i am agree with daniel2

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  3. Smith in Oregon

    Although a Democratic President is in the White House, it is entirely unclear if the new 4th. Branch of Government known as Dept. of Homeland Security, America's enormous Shadow Government is in fact under the executive branch of Government (President Obama) or if they are in fact over President Obama. It is entirely possible that whatever the Afghanistan War Policy is at this time, it is entirely the policy of the Shadow Government and not necessarily the Obama policy.

    I'm certain if President Obama were calling the shots, he'd tell the Karzai Clan adio's, America is no longer going to pour hundreds of billions into Afghanistan nation building and seriously begin winding down Afghanistan.

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    • Janej

      Are you kidding me? Pres Obama IS calling the shots! Not only is he's the freaking president of the US but he has his own party as majority in congress. He's making the decision to spend spend spend in someone else's back yard instead of his own. He is responsible for American interests and he's throwing them out the window. How ridiculous to read that its someone else's fault (your shadow comment). Why is it that no one holds the president responsible for his actions when there is a democrat in office? If this were the Bush administration people would already be tying the noose!

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  4. Daniel-2

    This policy is just plain wrong.Like I said before,Afghanistan belongs to the Afghans,not to NATO despite all the right-wing bla-bla-bla to the contrary!

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    • Michael

      To Daniel -2: The Afghans lost the right to their country when they allowed the Taliban to harbor the terrorists that attacked the US on September 11, 2001. That attack originated in Afghanistan.

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