July 3rd, 2010
07:29 AM ET

Photo Spotlight: Through the looking glass

A view of Kandahar as seen through the irregularly-shaped window of a M-ATV. The M-ATV, which stands for MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) All Terrain Vehicle, is the armored successor of the Humvee. The M-ATV and its mine-resistant brethren replaced the Humvee for transporting U.S. troops throughout Afghanistan. The windows are thicker and irregularly-shaped to help protect troops from roadside bombs and other threats.

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  1. FRJ

    That "sign for Kandahar province" is actually a sign for the "Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team" (KPRT) – not "Kandahar Province". This place is a camp in the middle of Kandahar City, a joint Canadian-US venture to assist in reconstruction efforts in and around the city and province.

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  2. Carole Clarke

    Our family was stationed in Orleans, France from 1959 to 1964 and I was at school at the Sorbonne in Paris during that time. The "cap of liberty" is really Mithradatic? And I thought my religion was complicated. But you can follow its travels through the little changes language makes as you move away from the center. I know about the underground rooms full of bones in Paris. There was one full of skulls alone. The reason given was that they ran out of room in the cemeteries during the many wars that flowed back and forth in France. That or plagues. I didn't ask any questions due to my Father's position but it sure changed my view of the Parisians, if not the French. I had a feeling Caesar would've understood why they were there. Wikipedia did not have much listed but I know where to look for more. Thank you.

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  3. Anabel

    From your reply i understand you have no fellow feeling for them. Your disdain for them comes across quite clearly.

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  4. Phil, Heidelberg, BW

    The media continues to butt in with their falso reporting – should have it like in Kuwait in 90/91 – No reporters in the war zone – they get their briefings daily, otherwise keep the hell out of our way. We are professional soldiers' and don't need to be tied up protecting the media. It worked wonders in Kuwait – seven (7) days and the war was over, but again the media and our politicians butted in and stopped us from overrunning Iraq then. How many years and lives have we been tied up because of it? Way too long and pretty costly with money and lives.

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  5. Anabel

    That is not how they regard themselves they consider themselves Muslims isn't that what counts? Also are you using your dubious statement to justify their persecution? How barbaric.

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  6. chris

    I am wondering if one of the reasons casualties are high in these conflicts is because of the lack of diligence in following safety procedures. The drive to complete missions and achieve goals may be overriding safety like the civilian example in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. For a firs hand account of trying to avoid safety in Afghanistan check out helicopter pilot Al Cram's post at lifeasahuman.com as an example of the pressure to get the job done regardless of safety.

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  7. Carole Clarke

    Eric the Seabee – so glad you posted. Frankly I didn't know the Navy still had a Construction Battalion. I'm an Army Brat, Dad was in for 34 years. You are right that I've never been out there and reading alot does not make up for on hand experience. I saw where the Army and Marines were putting in schools and such but not the Navy CB's. If you can improve their infrastructure and they are thankful than that rounds out the view. Do they feel caught between the Taliban and us? What hopes do they have for a social structure that can phase in progress on a constant level?

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  8. Radical

    this is so bizarre how you always forget to pr tent to be forge ten that Ben-laden and al-Qaeda didn't just walking around and they suddenly diced to attack the USA because they have spare time and they don't find something to do . the main reason that you have been attacked is because you attacked us before.for tens of year you giving tons of weapons to Israel to kill our children and prevent even just say a censure word to Israel in the UN and when we fight back its so fishy how dear you Muslims to defend your self while we killing you you should be happy for this you should give us flowers for this you are so terrorism you should die in silent.some people will post that Israel have right to be exist and they was here before Arab yes ..sure and the white new Americans was found before the ancient Indian in north America steeling some nations land is OK as long you have the military power its OK to do it i forget that this is part of your culture this is like if you stab some one with knife and when he say OUSHEEE you say to him you are so criminal you say oushee while i am killing you are terrorism

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    • Jaybob

      Hi, radical. I see that they haven't blown up your cave yet.

      But I will say this to you: I understand the greivance with Israel. I understand that it's not as simlple as most westerners wish it to be. I understand that, got it.

      Please don't forget that we intervened in Bosnia when Muslims were being dragged to the slaughter and mudrered in droves. Please do not forget who aided the Afghanistan Mujihadeen against the Russians.

      If you lunatics would calm down for a second and think about what you're doing, you wouldn't live in coutries full of craters. Stop spreading this hate- the first thing I ever learned about Islam was "peace" from an old high school friend. Now all Muslims are talking about is how the terrorists and violent extremists are "their people" and screaming for blood.

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  9. Carole Clarke

    Your points are well taken and understood. While I agree that the Afghans probably never wanted any of this to happen, they ended up in it after the Taliban supported Al Qaeda. Some of this support may have been left over from the conflict against the Soviet Union when Al Qaeda assisted the tribes in fighting the Soviets. Oddly enough, we had a hand in that due to the Cold War and I guess risked them turning the weapons we sent them against us. That's life but it all changed from the American viewpoint on 9/11/2001. That was our Pearl Harbor. We don't like getting caught with our pants down and are powerful enough to make retaliation painful. So in we went and it's our nature to improve things while we are there. We know it will not be appreciated but there you are. You can be sure we will exit the country with all due speed and what happens to them after that I hate to think. More tribal infighting, pushing by China, India and Pakistan – I wonder if there will be anything left of the place in 50 years. Of course, everyone underestimates them.

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  10. Anabel

    Congratulations! Your English is improving at extraordinary rate.

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  11. Anabel

    Tell that to the Ahmadi's all they want is peace and to be able to feed themselves but they are cruelly persecuted not by 'outsiders' but by fellow muslims.

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  12. Carole Clarke

    They may be alive at the same time as us but they are not living in the same century. Progress as the West understands it does not seem to be important to them. They live as they have always lived. They have never had a decent infrastructure and don't seem overly concerned about that. Where is their medical/hospital framework, do they dam the rivers to provide electricity – are they even set up to be electrified on a substantial scale? What state are the roads and bridges in at this point? Do they have a rail system or fleets of modern buses for public transport? You can say that if that is how they wish to live, they should be left to it. But that is not possible since they are sandwiched between China, India and eastern Russia – they have always been a crossroads of Central Asia so they cannot escape the pressure of much larger countries who are not going away. At this rate they will be left so far behind they will never be able to contend with the more modern regional factions. On this planet you advance or you get winnowed out.

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  13. Carole Clarke

    Glad to see they've improved the old Humvee to make it safer for our troops. But look at those people – how can we bring them from their present state to the 21st Century? We'd be covering 1200 years! They have not changed since Islam first came through. Education via TV may be the only way to counteract their stagnation.

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