July 1st, 2010
09:46 AM ET
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  1. Adalbert

    This general, just like all the others is just a tool for the military industrial power so that they can continue to make more and more money. The longer the war lasts the more money they make.

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  2. Smith in Oregon

    Isn't it TIME to openly talk about US Military action in Afghanistan is making the situation WORSE?

    The ongoing war in Afghanistan is entirely a Proxy War between Pakistan and India. When Pakistan detonated a Nuclear Weapon as did India, the US Govt. cut it's ties with Pakistan and the Taliban the CIA had helped to create, fund, weaponize and train. Pakistan then directed the Taliban fighters to enter into Afghanistan creating the situation which directly resulted in the 9/11 attack upon America. America's response has been to pour Billions of taxpayer dollars into the coffers of Pakistan, Afghanistan Warlords and the Major Heroin Exporting Clan in Afghanistan (Karzai Clan) and then occupy and invade Afghanistan, prop up Hamid Karzai as the President of Karzai even thou nearly all nations in the world point out that Hamid Karzai was not democratically elected in anything remotely resembling a fair unrigged election process.

    Plunging Afghanistan into a dictatorship under Hamid Karzai and flooding the entire world with Heroin is far from a solution nor any remnant of success. America needs to begin discussing if the US Military is making the Afghanistan worse now and worse for any Afghanistan future.

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    • Jess

      The Taliban is not in Afghanistan because Pakistan sent them there. They began trying to fight the Soviet Union in the 80s, which is why the US supported them at the time. The Pakistani government hates extremism just as much as anybody else. Look what just happened there.

      And Karzai? Sure he was elected out of corruption, but should we be suprised? Even Abdullah recognized he could not beat it. Who knows if US efforts will stop Karzai from being overthrown the second we leave.

      Understanding the situation in Afghanistan requires understanding its history. Conspiracy theories are useless in trying to come up with the best solution to the problem we and others, including the Afghans themselves, have created in that country. Foreign powers have always had great difficulty doing anything there because it's a hard place to accomplish anything. Western minds don't easily understand the way tribal societies function.

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  3. TAS

    150,000 troops in Afghanistan and amount of money spent if would have been done through charity organizations there Afghani's had loved Americans. No orphans, widows,hunger,maimed people and desparation but I think Devil in minds of these Generals and Policy makers just changes the thought process.

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    • Onesmallvoice

      The level of corruption amongst the major player's would mean that the "orphans, widows,hunger,maimed people and desparation" would stay as they are. If you are without influence there you are without hope.

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  4. Onesmallvoice

    This Petraeus wouldn't be aspiring to become our next Dwight D.Eisenhower by any chance,would he?

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