June 10th, 2010
08:41 AM ET

UK's Cameron meets with Karzai in Kabul

Afghanistan is the most important foreign policy and national security issue facing Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday while on an unannounced stop in Kabul. After meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Cameron said 2010 is the "vital year" for Afghanistan, when coalition forces must make progress in driving out al Qaeda and handing security back to local forces.

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  1. carlos


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  2. John Buchner

    The Afghan people are caught within the crosshairs of a war that is being waged against that countries religious
    leadership,the Taliban. The world outside of Afghanistan, namely NATO, has no right to interfere with that countries
    religious beliefs. It should be left to the people of Afghanistan to oust Taliban leaders if that is the desire of the people.
    No war should be waged against the innocent, unaware, and guiltless people of any nation simply because the U.S.
    demands it to be so. The Afghan Taliban have proven that they cannot be intimadated by the might and the wealth of
    any of the NATO nations which have invaded their country, especially the United States of America. Eventually NATO
    will leave Afghanistan holding a "bad taste" in their mouths, and their tails tucked tightly between their legs. Just as
    the former Soviet Union did back in the 1980's when the loyal Muhajadeen kicked them out of Afghanistan after an
    almost a ten year fight.

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