May 31st, 2010
09:09 PM ET

Group: Al Qaeda says top leader in Afghanistan dies

Al Qaeda says its No. 3 man and commander of its operations in Afghanistan has died, according to a group that monitors Islamist websites.

Al Qaeda announced the death of Mustafa Abu Yazid in a message posted on such websites on Monday, the Maryland-based SITE Intelligence Group said. While the message didn't detail the circumstances of Yazid's death, it did say his wife, three of his daughters, a granddaughter and others were killed, according to SITE.

Yazid, an Egyptian national, is believed to be a financial manager for al Qaeda, as well as a co-founder of the terrorist group, according to SITE.

In the past, Yazid has made numerous statements on jihadist websites and in video releases from al Qaeda's media arm, al Sahab.

Most recently, he announced that Al Qaeda took responsibility for a December 30 attack on a base in eastern Afghanistan that killed seven CIA officers and consultants and a Jordanian army captain. He said the attack avenged the death of Baitullah Mehsud, leader of the Taliban in Pakistan who was killed in a missile strike last August, and al Qaeda operatives Saleh al-Somali and Abdullah al-Libi.

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  1. Albert Friday

    The news is great, but there is fifty more terrorist to take his place. They are fighting this war for reasons that we in the West can’t comprehend. A solution needs to be found that will end this terror.

    May 31, 2010 at 10:15 pm | Report abuse |
    • Art H

      Sorry, you are wrong. The top run of their leadership are already almost entirely decimated by the highly successful drone program. The 2nd rung of their leadership are also almost entirely wiped out. The current fellows manning the till are far less experienced and far more brutal to the local populace and thus are easier to take out. There are no "fifty more" to take their place.....their numbers are seriously thinning and allowing the local tribal elders to come back to the fore from under the thumbs of these thugs.

      May 31, 2010 at 10:19 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Beachcomber

    May he burn in Hell forever. Now, who's next?

    May 31, 2010 at 10:12 pm | Report abuse |
  3. i.P. Freely looks like your up to bat!

    May 31, 2010 at 10:09 pm | Report abuse |
  4. McBears

    thats one less potential welfare recipient here in Brooklyn NY

    May 31, 2010 at 10:02 pm | Report abuse |
  5. Reasonable

    How did they die? Drone attack? Why did we not "Arrest" him and his brood?

    May 31, 2010 at 10:02 pm | Report abuse |
    • Art H

      Drone attack....

      May 31, 2010 at 10:10 pm | Report abuse |