May 26th, 2010
08:29 AM ET

Crackdown on alcohol, nightlife in Kabul?

A culture clash in Kabul. The Afghan government appears to be taking a harder line toward alcohol consumption. Afghan police last month raided restaurants popular with Westerners, seizing alcohol, even detaining foreign waitresses. Is it a symbol of increasing anti-Western sentiment or something far less sinister?

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  1. XianSatanas

    If you really want to see a great Islamic coutry...go to Turkey. You can drink all you want...they are completely secular. Every Middle Easterner goes there for drugs, alcohol and women. Then they go back to their wearing gowns and acting like they are holy. What a crock? I live the Middle East. We drink alcohol, and the government sells it. This crap in Kabul is funny to me. I hope they drive out the Islamic Fundementalist. Why don't the Fundies just leave people alone. Practice your religion in your own house and don't force others to follow it. Be civilized.

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