May 25th, 2010
08:38 AM ET

Al Qaeda member, others killed in gun fight

KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) - Afghan and international troops killed several people in a gun battle on Tuesday morning in eastern Afghanistan, the NATO-led command said.

Troops in Paktia province killed an Afghan al Qaeda leader and others armed with automatic rifles and hand grenades.

The incident took place when troops went to a compound where they suspected military activity where they were met with "heavy fire."

"While moving around the compound the force continued to receive fire by individuals barricaded inside buildings, and returned fire killing several individuals," the International Security Assistance Force said.

"A number of armed individuals who ran from the compound were pursued by the force. As they were being pursued, the individuals turned and fired on the security force, which returned fire and killed the individuals."

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  1. Julio R. Glez Jr.


    We can't be our worst enemy.How many times Taliban and Al-Qaida have used civilians as a shield? I can't forget that they have been using as a shelter Afghan family houses to avoid fire from our troops. Nobody have said a word about those civilians killed by Taliban and Al-Qaida.Regarding the drones attack they have hit really hard the Taliban and Al-Qaida forces.

    Now they are putting pressure with the UN to stop the drones attacks because they are very effective and have a very low risk of civilians casualties. The people in Afghanistan must be aware that they are inside a war zone and they just can't be fooling around pretending that "alles in ornung" (everything is OK).

    Julio Gonzalez Jr.

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