May 12th, 2010
02:30 PM ET

Analysis: U.S. has no choice but to work with Karzai, for now

As U.S. and NATO troops gear up toward a major offensive this summer in the southern Kandahar province, Washington's strategy in Afghanistan hinges more than ever on presenting a credible alternative to the Taliban.

So this latest, not-so-subtle attempt to kiss and make up, to move beyond bitter recriminations and resentments and present a united front would be encouraging, if only the sentiment behind it were true.

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  1. Patrick

    I support the troops a 100%, but I question why we are still fighting this war, which Bush?Cheney startet? When are the troops coming home?

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  2. Smith in Oregon

    President Karzai's brother recently mentioned that during the Taliban vs Soviet Troops in Afghanistan, Karzai was the major fund raiser and provider to the Taliban fighters. It appears both President Karzai and his brother have been on the CIA pay-roll long before the horrific Bush-Cheney administration hand-picked President Karzai based upon the CIA's approval. A great deal of that 'approval' appears to entirely come from the Karzai CLAN's huge alleged involvement with the Billions of untraceable dollars from the Opium-Heroin trade.

    During the horrific Bush-Cheney administration, as much Opium Poppy's as possible were planted in all 35 provinces across Afghanistan. Now under President Obama's administration only 5 provinces in Afghanistan have Opium-Poppy fields and all of the current fields have become infested by a fungus that attacks the Opium-Poppy plants at their roots drying up the seed pod before it can be harvested for its Opium.

    Yes, that cash cow is literally dieing on the vine by its fungus infested roots. It should come as no surprise that America is now looking at a exit strategy from further involvement with the Karzai CLAN whose usefulness appears to be declining directly in relation with the decline of Opium-Heroin being exported out of Afghanistan.

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  3. Iraq Paramedic

    May GOD bless & keep us all !!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Col Gregory T. Breazile, USMC

    The Afghan culture is very diverse and complex. I can say that because I am here interacting with Afghans every day. We will work with their government to root out corruption and make things better for the Afghan people. Follow NATO Training mIssion-Afghanistan on our unit social media website. Please comment on our blogs and news articles so we know what you think about our mission and how we are accomplishing it. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Semper Fi,

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