May 11th, 2010
12:00 PM ET
May 11th, 2010
09:27 AM ET

The Karzai they knew

Eric Blehm is the author of the recent Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller “The Only Thing Worth Dying For: How Eleven Green Berets Forged a New Afghanistan.” It is the story of ODA 574’s mission with Hamid Karzai in 2001, which resulted in his rise to power as the leader of Afghanistan. The statements and opinions expressed in this guest blog are solely those of Eric Blehm. 

On Mother’s Day, I read the headlines about Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s highly publicized meetings in Washington, D.C., this week, and I couldn’t help but think about Barbara Petithory of Cheshire, Massachusetts, and Linda Davis of Watauga, Tennessee. 

Their sons were the first American soldiers killed in Afghanistan back in 2001 — number one and number two of what is today more than 1,000 Americans who have died from action there (1,744 total coalition forces KIA). Their pride and grief as Gold Star mothers are intertwined around the headlines on Hamid Karzai because their sons were with Karzai when they were killed on December 5, 2001. His legacy is, in part, theirs. FULL POST

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May 11th, 2010
09:22 AM ET

Putting tensions aside, Clinton opens key talks with Karzai

WASHINGTON - Brushing recent public spats aside, the Obama administration welcomed Hamid Karzai to Washington Tuesday, opening a round of partnership talks with the Afghan president.

At a breakfast meeting, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomed Karzai for several days of partnership talks. Later Tuesday, Clinton is expected to hold closed-door bilateral talks with Karzai. President Barack Obama will host his Afghan counterpart at the White House on Wednesday. FULL POST

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May 11th, 2010
07:50 AM ET

2 members of NATO-led force killed

KABUL, Afghanistan - Two members of the NATO-led military force in Afghanistan were killed Tuesday in a roadside bomb attack in southern Afghanistan, the force said. The International Security Assistance Force did not identify the service members or specify their nationalities.

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May 11th, 2010
07:49 AM ET

Suspected U.S. drones kill 14 militants

Islamabad, Pakistan — At least 14 militants were killed and several others injured Tuesday when five suspected U.S. drones fired missiles in Pakistan's tribal region, officials said.

The suspected drones fired 18 missiles at two vehicles and several compounds, according to officials.

Targets pounded are believed to be used by militants in the Data Khel area in North Waziristan, one of seven districts bordering Afghanistan. FULL POST

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