May 5th, 2010
09:57 AM ET

'Giving away' UK votes to Afghans

As more UK soldiers and dollars head into Afghanistan, it is a hot button foreign policy issue for the candidates in the UK election. But now some British citizens feel Afghans should have a say in British policy, giving away their votes to the Afghans as part of the group "Give Your Vote."  We followed one British voter and the person she's giving her vote to who lives in Kabul.

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  1. Jerry

    Absolutely astonishing, so many people here are against something promoting democracy. I watched this yesterday just before going to place my own vote, i am born and bred white middle class British and have no problem at all with this.
    Long live democracy.

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  2. William

    lain #18 – If so many in the world hate the US and its policies, why do so many people clamor to come to the US and mimic the US culture? The facts on the ground seem to defy your own reality. Most people I've heard that dislike the US either do so out of jealousy, are married to a conspiracy theory, or are ultra liberals who have a problem with any white-european-based country despite the fact that Asian and Middle Eastern cultures also exhibited centuries of colonialism, slavery, and oppression.

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  3. William

    Isn't this act by UK voters illegal? A citizen cannot give their vote away to another citizen, let alone to a foreigner. If that were legal, what value would there be in the vote at all seeing that local citizens would have to live with the will of another nation; and isn't that the definition of colonialism? This does stink of the "holier than thou" liberals that I see popping up in the West, but they are the same that would complain when losing rights, services, or other benefits as a result of their own actions.

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  4. Hick Yo'kul

    It's only tokenistic really, and not going to have a significant effect, Oh yeah, and it's not insular reporting in the US.. it censorship not being shown in England, this is due to many English people feeling that the high influx of economic migrants is having a negative impact on Britain. Putting presure on public services etc. etc. To be honest, they are white lower class rascists... I'm white lower class, but seem to have been touched with a divine spark... therefore.. Daphne is a retard..

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  5. Hick Yo'kul

    Personally, I find it beggars belief that you are comparing a normal citizen with a terrorist.. this is a country which has been overrun with persecution for years, before the taliban it was the russians... ever heard the term.. Liberty Equality Fraternity.. I'm English, and find terrorism abhorant. Daphnes comment on the British being weak and stupid? Who had a president with an IQ of 90? and how can one nation be "stoopid'er than another... get this... You're a retard Daphne... yes you are, and i'd punch you in the overy if I got the chance.. seriously any rational person should be able to recognize that this is productive in Afghanistan and works towards fighting terrorism. Democracy aight!

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  6. Radarrider99

    As an American expat I agree with "lain". Come ya'll, read something else besides CNN, or page 3 of The Sun.

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  7. Iain

    I only came on here to see some international coverage of the election, to find that the only reference to America's closest ally having an election is this complete nonsense of a non-story. This hasn't been reported anywhere in the UK press because its obviously nuts and extreme behaviour by a couple of ultra-liberals. Insular US reporting at it's best I guess.

    Some of the comments here seriously defy belief – I've spent 2 and a half years since 2004 in either Iraq or Afghanistan and I read comments from some stupid suburban yank about how us Brits are "dumb & stupid"? If the rational Americans who read this are still wondering why so much of the world still hates the US and it's foreign policy – you can just look at people such as Daphne.

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  8. dhimmi

    The UK should no longer be referred to as a European country.

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  9. Hiramabi

    Her name is Ayca Rodob! A very British name!
    Sounds Turkish to me.
    No wonder she is giving her vote away!
    She shouldn't have one to begin with!

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  10. stillsane?

    Thank God several British people have weighed in on this and stated their opposition to such a silly idea. Afghans do need to vote, in their own country for their own leaders. After 9/11, the invasion of Afghanistan was justified. Iraq, well thats another story. The Taliban were harboring the terrorists and something had to be done. Where it stands today?. well again maybe its time to focus on some kind of withdrawal schedule. The Brits and the rest of Europe have their problems, but so do we in the USA, from economic to environmental to social, we arent quite getting it right. Bush was bad and Obama is worse, so now what? I will vote this November in the US, for the people that I think will do less harm to my interests (forget about voting for someone you want in our two-party liberal vs conservative baloney). I will NOT be voting for anyone else's position but mine.

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  11. iraqimigrant

    Richard, Muslims around the world is because of your governments. Waging wars in the middle east since 1948 till now. So once Israel removed from the Arabic land and all the western troops go home then YES we can go back.

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  12. J.S.

    They can do that in America too... But they don't because in america we have gun, and while we do love our peace muslim friends..... ALL street preaching is annoying and warrants a beating at the least....

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  13. Lennybaby

    The UK wants to dominate Afghanistan,not let the Afghans have any voice in the London government.The British only want to help the United States and France gain control of that part of the world and that's it in a nutshell.

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  14. lyndsey

    I live in England and this is the first time I've heard of this sort of thing happening. The woman in the video is clearly a politically correct liberal nut, and/or or she is getting paid very handsomely for it. Trust me folks this isn't the way the majority of British people think.

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  15. John W

    Neville Chamberlain would be proud. The appeasement never ceases in the UK. Adam Cooper writes the oft-said "illegal war". How could that be, Adam? Saddam Hussein invaded the Shaat-al Arab canal in Iran, starting an 8 1/2 year war. Two years after that deadly fiasco ended, he did it again and invaded Kuwait. After that, he killed and maimed between 20,000 and 30,000 Iraqis a year for the next decade, while people around the world happily went on their siestas and drank your evening lagers. Yet he was somehow wronged, the "leader" of a "sovereign country". How many more countries would Hussein had to invade before he was considered a problem? Perhaps quite a few, if the 1995 state welcome France gave him was any indication. Was the Iraq war absolutely necessary? Personally, I think it could and should have been avoided, I'm sure you'll be glad to hear me say. But there's an interesting definition of evil, which goes "True evil is when someone who has the capability to help, refuses." People like you, comfortable sitting on your round bums in some pub, would have done. Hussein created a real mess in 1990, and the Arab League persuaded the US and various allies not to depose him. To myself, that made the 2003 Iraq war inevitable. But don't worry. You'll have your way soon. The US's dominance is crumbling indeed, Russia and China are becoming quite aggressive in acquiring territory for oil rights, and Iran will almost certainly do a nuke test within two years.

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  16. Sam

    I am from the UK and this idea is STUPID and they will NOT be getting MY vote.

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  17. Richard

    Islam immigrants, around the world. They should all be deported back to their home countries for the following reason. Their doctrine openly states that they will either convert you to Islam or kill you. Period! To me that reads that are committed to the over throw of the ruling government, people and country. Their goal is to make everyone poor and ignorant, blindly following their religous leadership. But lo, then who will they have to blame their plight on? Forcing everyone to live in poverty; worship 5 times a day; treat their women as second class citizens. There is something wrong with a religion that forces you to strictly follow their teachings without question or risk beatings or death. making grown women walk around in a bag to hide their appearance, and not allow them education. Every time you give in to them an inch, eventually they gain on the whole yard. Their are no peaceful Islamists only those in training for a future terrorist or to support them.

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  18. MCD0915

    YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?!?! Do you not remember July 7, 2005?

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  19. sam

    Most English people are against immigration–their gov't has sold the country to the "forces of darkness," if I may use that term. We see the same crap in the USA with Muslims and illegal Mexicans. We, the West, are in trouble. It is time for ordinary people to demand that this madness end.

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  20. Daphne

    The Brits are nuts! So weak and stupid. Giving Afgans a vote? Please!

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  21. Jim P

    Let's see... Public floggings/beheadings/support of terrorism both within and without Afghanistan. No educaton for females, must grow a beard or face punishment, no tolerance of any other religion, destruction of ancient historic sites, home of the 911 terrorists,

    Lets, let them vote for British Government officials.

    It's true!!

    The Brits are nuts!!!

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  22. Iraq Paramedic

    Adam Cooper, it is a good idea to inspire democratic participation from the Afghan people but, if you would ask 1000 Afghans from various parts or the country you would most likely find 70%+ that really like the fact that we are there trying to bring a little 21st century human rights to their lives & drive out the Taliban & drug dealers & corrupt government officials. And the ones who are doing the most talking of how bad we are doing are either under the Taliban/drug dealer threat of death or they are the latter. As for over here in Iraq the local people I talk to are glad we came but, yes after 8years they would like to run their own lives & I don't blame them. I guess the we could have just stood by & let Saddam & his son's & their thugs keep raping & pilaging & no there where no WMDs found when we got here because they were all shipped to Iran & Syria. As for the other hot spots in this world I do believe we all are doing a little more each year to help & I mean more & more of the whole global community is starting to get engaged in the plite of those less fortunate.
    May GOD bless & keep us all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  23. Adam Cooper

    Thankyou 'Iraq Paramedic' for your insightful and thought provoking words.

    The 'Islamic Extremists' you refer to are mainly created by the Murdoch press, and has only gained a following since Britain illigally invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, killing, injuring and displacing countless civilians.

    The very idea of giving an Afghan a vote in the election, is to promote democratic participation and engagement, rather than the rare cases of violent extremism, of which you refer. The main demand of the Afghan people, will be withdrawal of troops from their country, the main reason for the growing popularity of the Taliban, as well as recruitment of 'extremists'.

    If the UK government refuses to comply to international law and international democracy (United Nations), then this, I believe, is the next best thing.

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  24. Iraq Paramedic

    Your country is allready overrun with Islamic extremists, you allow them to preach & teach openly on your streets & now the citizens are giving their votes to the Afghan people. Very bad idea I think.
    May GOD Bless & keep us all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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