May 3rd, 2010
09:44 AM ET

Officials: 'Suprising' if Taliban had role in Times Square incident

[Update] A naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan was arrested overnight in the Times Square bombing investigation. Faisal Shahzad, 30, claimed to have acted alone in the attempted bombing, said a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation. The Joint Terrorism Task Force investigating the bombing attempt has said it's considering the possibility that the attempt involved more than just a "lone wolf." Read the full story and see the developments unfold on CNN's This Just In blog

(CNN) - Investigators in the foiled carb bomb attack in New York's Times Square are evaluating a video released less than 24 hours after the incident by the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, and it has raised questions about whether militants could have been behind the attempted bombing. FULL POST

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May 3rd, 2010
08:55 AM ET

What caused illness in girls at 3 schools?

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A beautiful week of crisp spring weather in the green lands of northern Afghanistan turned to terror for hundreds of Afghan schoolgirls.
At Khadija Kobra High School in  Kunduz province, girls were studying inside the walls of their open-air school, sitting at their desks as leaves rustled above them with the fresh breeze blowing through.
But suddenly something changed.
“We noticed that the air in the school smelled beautiful, like a flower, as if someone sprayed perfume into the school,” said Alia Ghizalkohee, a teacher at the school.
And that’s when the girls started to drop one after the other. FULL POST

May 3rd, 2010
07:54 AM ET

Suicide bomber attacks outside military base in Khost

 KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) - A suicide bombing in eastern Afghanistan's Khost province killed one civilian and wounded two security guards at the entrance to a military base on Monday, the interior ministry said. FULL POST

May 3rd, 2010
07:51 AM ET

Pakistani Taliban threatens U.S. in new video

A video released Sunday by a Pakistan Taliban group features a statement from a speaker claiming to be leader Hakimullah Mehsud in his first appearance since reports of his death in a drone strike, according to IntelCenter, a think tank that tracks terrorist groups.

Mehsud, leader of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, vowed attacks on major U.S. cities in the nearly nine-minute video.

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