April 29th, 2010
08:21 AM ET

Reminders of a hell for 1,000 men

This place was a cannery, for many years pumping out thousands and thousands of cans of fruit every day. But for one year, during Taliban control of Kandahar, it was something very different. This cavernous, and now eerie storage area became a prison, hell for a 1,000 men.  

Through it all, Popeye was here – he came when he was 13 to work in the cannery, and that was 45 years ago.  Popeye’s not his real name of course — the Canadian soldiers nicknamed him for his work ethic. He still fears the Taliban to the point where he doesn’t want his face shown, but wanted to show us what the prisoners left behind — drawings that paint a vivid picture of their misery.

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