April 29th, 2010
07:55 AM ET

NATO raid death sparks riot in village

KABUL, Afghanistan — Hundreds of residents rioted in a village in eastern Afghanistan after a NATO raid there left a relative of a parliament member dead, police and the lawmaker said Thursday.

NATO forces entered the village of Nazibad late Wednesday, searching the community for several hours, including the home of Safia Sadiqi, a member of Afghanistan's parliament.

Sadiqi's brother-in-law was killed by NATO forces after he approached them with a gun, according to Ghafoor Khan, a police spokesman.

"It was (an) unacceptable act by NATO," said Sadiqi. "This barbarian raid of NATO left five orphans and a widow in that house."

Initial indications are that "the individual who was shot was armed and refused requests to lower his weapon," the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said in a statement.

The force said it take Sadiqi's allegations seriously and that it is reviewing its actions as well as the intelligence suggesting a Taliban connection to the compound where Sadiqi's brother-in-law was shot.

The death sparked rioting in the community, police said.

"Because of this, around 300 people have protested," said Khan. "They blocked the road for three hours. Later, with the help of the elders in the area, we kept things calm."

- Journalist Muhib Habibi contributed to this report.

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