April 13th, 2010
02:18 PM ET

Photo spotlight: Approaching sandstorm

A sandstorm approaches the town of Marjah, Helmand province in southern Afghanistan. The storm interrupted U.S. military missions in the region for about six hours on Monday.  The desolate town of Marjah is now famous after it was recently the focus of efforts to drive the Taliban out of this region as part of Operation Moshtarak. The region is already experiencing 95°+ F weather conditions. What's the weather like in Afghanistan? Check out the conditions

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  1. Wendy Las Vegas

    Outstanding comment Shawn. I'm a former Marine and our troops appreciate your support on educating the masses. We all need to remember how we felt on 9/11 and do what we can to support our young troops. Finding this mission useless will do nothing for this country our the morale of our young fighters. Semper Fi

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  2. mindy abraham

    I wish our military well

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  3. chui

    Hey Rob Why don't you go enlist, put on a uniform and go look for Bin Laden, the favorite freedom fighter of your all time high and might number one conservative republican Ronald Reagan the senile, two bit actor, who when had to answer the questions, could not even remember his own name. And by all means take George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, his daughters, McDonnell, Karl Rove, Limbaugh, Hannity, Glen Beck, Ann Coulter, the mata hari Palin, Buckman and a whole slew of other conservative republicans with you.

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  4. chui

    With over some $40 billion a month US taxpayers money ( DOD, CIA, FBI, State Department, and other US Government Agencies expenses ) spend on the fraud war in Iraq and the BS untenable war on terror in Afghanistan / Pakistan , the US and NATO military personnel have up to date military hardware, clothing, food, water and bases looking and functioning far better then places in the US it self. Half of these troops have no idea or understanding why they are there, fighting these untenable wars and the locals either not cooperating or even wanting these foreign troops in there respective countries.

    Which for all practical purposes are rubble and mass destroyed with self interest, self righteous malignant narcissists US / UK and NATO selected, appointed and elected leaders no better the the SOBs they replaced.

    Far worst is the plight of the poor local people who have lost everything, including their way of life, including their neighbos, who are spies and turned against their neighbors and communities. Some of these folks in the US and UK who are harping about the SOB Bin Laden and cohorts now over some 8 years are just misled and gullible yahoos. They no doubt rattle their sabors, wrap up in the flag and fart the usual conservative republican patriotism all for the profits of the Industrial-military-security-banking-petrochemical complex etc. The SOBs like the George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, mata hari Palin, Buckman, McDonnell , Orin Hatch, Newt Ginrich, Romney, Limbaugh, Hannity, Glen Beck, Ann Coulter and a whole slew of these other malignant narcissists, chronic scape goaters, uncorrectable grab baggers have never spilled a drop of their blood. Nor do they believe in equal justice for all, insurance of domestic tranquillity for all, promotion of general welfare for all and blessing of liberty and posterity for all.

    The only poor sod are the misled and the gullible who for compensation becomes recruits for these misadventures far away from home, where we have no business.. Particularly when we are economic terror besieged, ideologically divided, polarized nation at home, on a fast track of self destruction from within and these SOB second best to child molester politicians and shyster bankers live high off the hog all at tax payers expense.

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  5. rhall60918

    Nobody noticed, but Marjah certainly doesn't look like the thriving metropolis of 80,000 the Washington propogandists described it as prior to the offensive...maybe this is just a picture of an Afghan suburb of Marjah?
    Sidenote: Mansour is correct, all he's saying is that the taliban were NOT involved in the 9/11 planning of those attacks which is entirely correct....at this point, after nine years and counting is anyone really feeling safer with approx. 200,000 American, including mercenaries, in Afghanistan (the graveyard of empires)? Oh Johnny I hardly knew ye...

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  6. Someone who's been there

    I can tell you from my three years in the Middle East (1 in Kuwait and 2 in Iraq) that the dust storms are killers. Sometimes the whole outside is a reddish orange color and it stays that way for days. Sometimes you find it very difficult to breathe. It is very horrible!

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  7. Rob

    Cohenke, thank you for correcting that. I get tired of comments that Afghanistan is a baseless war started by Bush. People forget that we did not pick this fight, we were attacked and the Taliban refused to hand over those responsible.

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  8. cohenke

    mansour: I think you are mistaking Afghanistan for Iraq. Afghanistan is where Osama and Al Qaeda were based and they in fact were the planners of 9/11. That is why we are there.

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  9. Peter

    Mansour, you're confused. The Iraq war had nothing to do with 9/11, but the Taliban government in Afghanistan had quite a bit to do with it. They sheltered and supported Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda planners of the attack. Iraq and Afghanistan are different wars and different situations–you may want to look into it a bit more yourself.

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  10. Shawn

    Hey Mansour, let me tell you the reason why we are there, not for oil or money (maybe for drugs?? saigon connection??) NO the reason we are there is we were attacked by terrorists on September 11 2001 by a terrorist group that the now defunct (thanks to the good ol USA) government called the taliban was harbouring and protecting. GW Bush announced that if they would not bring them to justice we would, he also said anyone that hosts this terrorist orginisation would get the smack down. The only reason we don't kick the crap out of Pakistan is they hand over one or two of these creaps once in a while to keep us at their front door. Being a NUK nation Pak knows we will hit them with everything we have and it will not be as pretty as the Afganistan invasion.

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  11. A Marine Mom

    My son has been in Marjah since January and to see what our troops are dealing with breaks my heart, please keep all our military in our prayers....God Bless.

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  12. mansour

    I really don't know why we are there in the first place. This war was based on lies and deceptions. They had nothing to do with sep 11. These people don't know how to plan for these attacks. Simply big country can't do it. I want everybody to go to google and do some searching or type loose change to have a bit of understanding.

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  13. Layne

    Toughest people in the world. fighting against the most advanced military with old weapons. Afghans to be exact Pashtuns, are a brave and loyal people.

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  14. LK

    Military men and women get my highest and utmost respect. The average citizen cannot begin to imagine the horror and hardships they endure to provide peace and security to their country's fellow citizens. May the arms of peace, strength, courage and love embrace and hold you near. Know that you are ALL loved, missed and cherished by all.

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  15. nathan houston

    I also feel sorry 4 our troops fighting a sinless BUSH war. Being a former marine I understand,hang in there be strong ,and come save.

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  16. Wendy Las Vegas

    I also have a nephew there that has Canadian blood. Trust me, a little heat and sand won't stop our Marines. We build them tough.

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  17. mj

    they have no besns to be there. the afghan do not want them......

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  18. Colleen Fitzpatrick

    I went through a three day sandstorm in Iraq. The sky looked just like a tornado was approaching in the Mid-Midwest. The sky was very bright orange for days.

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  19. Army Mom

    I talked with my son today who is over there, he said to tell everyone, be glad you live in the USA and Canada. Bless and keep our Troops and their families.

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  20. Smith in Oregon

    Looks like the toilet bowl of the world at this point. Given the decades of landmines and unexploded munitions planted and scattered across the entire region of Marjah and Afghanistan, isn't it time to pull America and allied troops out of Afghanistan to give the Afghanistan people some peace?

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  21. Thom

    This harsh land has for centuries shaped the people of Afghanistan into some of the toughest people on the planet. They are used to dealing with extreme hardship and that is how they have survived against tremendouse adversity over time. As the saying goes: "In Afghanistan, the Americans have all the watches, but the mujahideen have all the time." This is the lesson that the Russians learned and we would do well to heed it. The time has come for us to fashion an exit strategy now before we bleed to death in this land and find ourselves on the ash heap of history. The best we can hope for is to contain the trerrorist threat that emanates from Afghanistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan.

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  22. surfsup

    Canadian Armed Forces Ad "Join, No Life like it". Not only we have good men and women soldiers we tell the truth (unless politics gets involved).

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  23. MJH

    It is so sad to see what political ruin has done to this country.As a member of the USMC, my son watches on radar the storms coming and going, his reflections of what our countries are doing there reflects the piercing sand storms that engulf the countries in a sad shroud of fine,piercing and grinding silicone.

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  24. Z-Mom

    TJ – I really appreciated your post. My son is there as well, and from Minnesota so the heat is an issue. They are amazing and honorable young men and women, and I pray for each of them several times a day. Be strong.

    Semper Fi.

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  25. Semper Fi

    Semper Fi to those out there. Stay strong and remember we love you. Call me back if needed.

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  26. Will

    man... all that flying sand must wreak havoc on their senses and their equipment... i hope that they got through without any major problems.

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  27. Rusty

    Stop the lie wars, they are a waste of money and quickly bankrupting America, Enough damage has been done, enough lives have been lost, too many lies still cause the blood of innocent people to spill,,,BOTH wars are political invasions, NEITHER one is defending America,,,the only ones profiting from these wars are those who pay lobby dollars to support them,,,and those who receive those same lobby dollars,,,BOTH parties of congress,,,I hope supporters of BOTH parties are proud to know YOUR precious so called representatives are trading American blood for personal and PARTY profit.

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  28. TJ

    I feel so sorry for the troops that are dealing with the adversities in weather, etc.
    as well as trying to deal with the enemy. I keep praying for supernatural strength and
    clear sharp minds for these dear precious people. I have a nephew there and being a Canadian he is really minding the heat! Somehow I think that might be a minor detail compared to the rest of what is going on.

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