April 12th, 2010
11:12 AM ET
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  1. JAA

    Why is it I think "Training" is not really an American? "The Nature?" " The writing seems like a very bad translation . . . a little propaganda perhaps?

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  2. Training?

    Training, is what congressman Wilson from texas give to the Afghan people when he and the US created the Taliban, now we are training our troops trying to destroy what our government created.
    We pay taxes to create Coupes in foreigns countries, and then we have to pay taxes to exterminate the militia or terrorist groups that we create around the world, like, the Taliban.
    Beside that it doesn't matter how much training they get, there is many factors that the US military never thought about, an example is the altitude of Afghan terrain. This country it's not prepare for high mountain combat.
    We won't win this conflict, we are not better than the Russians, what make us think that we are?,
    or do you really think that "GOD bless America"?, look around, can you see what we have done to our planet?, and every single creature that resides here, First was the Native American, then the Buffalo, The Black people, the Nature, and now is anything and everything we can put our hands on, "How can so much greed be fulfill?, Please don't ask a Jew, because if Jesus Life was traded for 30 pieces of Silver, how much is for OUR Planet?.,..

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  3. julian gonzales

    I think its good that the Arm Forces are doing these kinds of things. If you think of it what would happen if we were not to get that kind of training.? I plan on joining the Marines right after school.

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