April 9th, 2010
09:33 AM ET

February raid: Cover-up or not?

Watch as CNN's Atia Abawi talks to the family members and walks through the compound, the site of the killings.

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  1. Dave

    If you feel so much shame and discust then move to Afganastan or some other country other then the United States. Be glad you have the freedom you have here because you don't have that in the countries in the middle east.

    As for the shooting, if it was unjustified, and I believe it was, then the people involved need to be punished plain and simple. Do NOT JUDGE every service member by the actions of a few because it would be like saying that every muslim was a terrorist when that is NOT the case and only a fraction if that are.

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  2. Dave was here

    I think you guys are exactly right, this is just like Vietnam, the American people, led by the media, withdrew from a war they never understood and abandoned their military because some talking head told them what to do and what to like.

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  3. joshua tolbert

    Do you honestly expect anyone to respect your opinion when you can't even spell words correctly? good luck with that.
    Also, read up on The Law of Armed Conflict... that will dis-credit your "americans have no laws" sentence.
    Thirdly, read a history book, and if that's too difficult for you, you could always watch Charlie Wilson's War... that could somewhat enlighten you about how the afghans defeated russia, how they got the weapons to do so, and who they got the weapons from.
    Without amercian handouts during that time, Afghanistan would have lost, period.
    Lastly, yes killing of any human is terrible and extremely sad. However, for someone to say they feel shame and "discust" which is spelled disgust, for the forces that occupy that region is such waste of your breath. Because in all honesty, your words won't change anything due to the fact that you are just complaining instead of offering insight and trying to come up with real solutions. FYI, withdrawing forces from Afghanistan has already been thought of. Any other solutions?

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  4. Dave

    Daniel-Thanks for calling us out to post. We were just waiting for an invitation.
    Abdul- If this is a comparison to Little Big Horn, then remember that NATO is Sitting Bull.

    A-stan isn't another Vietnam. The Taliban and Al Queda will lose this war, for they do not have the backing of a major power. With the noose tightening for Iran, it is likely that AQ training camps currently allowed in that country will be told to move out, in order to preserve any chance Iran has at keeping its nuclear program.

    This is war. People get killed by accident. No amount of technology or preparation will ever change that. Our troops are outstanding in their efforts to save civilian lives, and should be respected in that regard. I am not saying that the killings aren't a big deal. I am saying that you have to look at the entire situation in relation to the war as a whole. It is a blip on the radar.

    Ok, back over to the hippies. Rage on, hippies, rage on. Just let me know when you are ready to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

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  5. Right-wing fool

    None of you guys know what you're talking about. The US military is the most well behaved force in the history of warfare. Read some history and you'll understand what I'm talking about. You can't fight a war and expect zero errors to be made. Only the naive or dillusional believe such things. If America is so terrible, move to a different country that suits you better.

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  6. joe

    Since its pretty clear that none of you have had the honor to serve, or the courage, its easy to ignore everything thats been said here as the ramblings of liberal, self-righteous, ignorant do-gooders who have not ever left the comfort of their living rooms. The United States military enforces uniform code of military justice more often than not far harsher than any civilian court, not that that interests any of you. Nor does justice actually interest you, rather than letting an investigation and trial take place; you're all too happy to scream cover-up at the first news report (much like John Murtha, who turned out to be all wrong as well). It must be nice to live in your world. Untill any of you have actually been shot at in the service of your fellow Americans, why don't you shut your sorry mouths and let better men than you do their jobs.

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  7. Bill

    "No different than My Lai incident in 'Nam. We dont learn our lesson(s) very well.......the same repeat will happen again in Afghanistan."

    No one from Vietnam flew ariplanes into office buildings just because we don't follow their religious practices. In this country anyone can follow whatever religion they wish, worshiping whatever and beyond some screaming and shouting to get on TV or in the papers not much generally happens. If someone wants to bow down before a bush, tree or pile of rocks, if it makes them happy, good for them! These terrorists want to kill us because we're "infidels" and they proudly say so. That makes them fair game in my book. Unfortunately inocent people sometimes get hurt. We didn't start this, but we will finish it!

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  8. John Donaldson

    Adul......I see your NO student of History. If you were you would see that today's modern warfare is NO the same warfare we had back in WWII or Korea. Back then you knew who your were fighting. it was the other sides troops. No one bothered the civilians. Since vietnam that all changed. You no longer can tell the troops from the civilians. I spent 2 tours in vietnam. I remember after a battle with the VC/NVA a boy child about 12-13 walking up, picking up a AK47. We kept telling him to put it down. he did not and pointed it at us and fired it. We had no choice but to fire back. Did we realish in it, NO. It was a sad thing. As for Afghanistan, do you WISH the TALIBAN to be in charge? Letting people like Bin Lauden use the country to plan 9/11 attacks, denie women the right to education and etc. Keeping the women as slaves. Do you have a sister? Would you like for her to live that way? I could care less that you are a Muslim. Your God is you God and mine is mine. Remember you have freedoms here, your people over there DID NOT. You forget that it was the Afghan National Army that liberated your country. We did not come in until way later. Also you only have to look at Iraq. yes at first it was a mess, but with our HELP, Iraq Army/Police are now in control. They have a stable Government and run themselves. All US troops are in bases and soon will be coming home. If you think it so bad, I would suggest you pull up roots and go there and HELP.

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  9. Bob

    All of you need to get a grip. If you hate what is going on here...please leave America. That is a war zone and at times innocent people will be killed or wounded. I am proud of what our military does and what they have accomplished. We will always have these problems until the muslim world stands up and rids the world of the Taliban and others. It takes NATO to take action because no one else will. Keep in mind, if it wasn't for the US military and what they have accomplished over history, you wouldn't be sitting here on a computer complaining. How much time have YOU served in the US armed forces!!

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  10. Inside

    We do many bad things in the military. If you try to stop it you become a target. Your career is finished.

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  11. Irene

    Abdul...that comment frightens the heck out of me. You are an American hoping for the defeat of our troops. You need to meet some of these guys and learn their hearts. They as a whole are NOT disgusting and shameful. I know I am married to a Marine currently in Afghanistan. He doesn't hate the people of Afghanistan.

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  12. James

    Correction: Total OEF casualties (American) – 1,016 as of 5 April 2010 according to 'Military Times' newspaper. Still the deaths can't hold a candle to what older wars produced.

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  13. James

    How sad, too bad the Soviet Union did much worse to the Afghan people in the 80s. Comparing Afghanistan to Vietnam now? Come on really over 60,000 Americans were killed in Vietnam we have yet to hit the 1000 mark since we've been fighting in Afghanistan in 2001.

    Just remember people that in ANY and ALL conflicts innocents will be killed. Its just one of the many sad realities of warfare.

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  14. seekingserenity

    Abdul,why don't you move to Afghanistan and help them out??????And, just why are you staying in the USA if we have no laws and disgust you so???Take a hike!

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  15. emily hernandez

    You know what guys, I'm not a right wing or a left wing but I am a veteran of the War in Iraq. You can sit there and judge our forces all you want but if you haven’t been there and experienced what our soldiers are going through then you should think about how you voice your opinion. All of America is responsible for what is going on in Iraq. Of course it’s not right to kill innocent people, but you have to look at the soldier’s frame of mind. You cannot trust ANYONE there. The minute you trust someone you get blown up or shot at. Have any of you guys ever held your friend in your arms and watched him die? Do you have any idea how that affects a soldiers mind? The military is like a family, we do anything to protect each other and keep each other safe. Furthermore if you don’t like how our country operates, then maybe YOU should leave and go live somewhere else.

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  16. Dave

    Obama is every bit as bad as Bush was. Fiscally, he is actually worse!

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  17. llcooj

    Where is the Goldstone Report for the United Nations?
    Where is the cry to charge the US for war crimes?

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  18. RAW

    It is not about right wing or left wing it is about doing what is right period.
    Hey FED_UP_ AMERICAN, you should learn your history, the Russians would probably still be in this part of the world if it wasn't for the US. It is not that we are the only nation, it is that we are the only nation that helps when people ask for it and often after we come in to help we get portrayed as the bad guys. Why do you think we were helping the Afghans in the 80's, why do you think we have helped rebel groups around the world. Do you think we want to be here. No but we are because people have asked us to come in and do so.
    CB and BABAK, I agree with you, if it is a melicious crime it should be dealt with accordingly. Obviously neither of you have been here to see what we are or have been doing to improve the country and the plight of the Afghan people. Instead you would rather hide behind your computer and complain while my brothers-in-arms and I go out and build schools and teach agriculture and train a military who can defend itself. There is not a case of terrorism for the majority of coalition forces. We are not the ones going in and threatening and executing entire families because they do not want to support us.
    You guys should really learn how to spell also. That is kind of embarrassing. I figure your presentation explains your education level on this and other subjects.

    Finally, Abdul. This is very different from Vietnam. We actually follow a more stringent set of laws than in the states. The sad part about that is it sometimes costs the lives of individuals who are trying to save and assist. It is not that there is no respect for families or Islam. These cases are a drop in the bucket in comparison to all of the great things we are doing and the strides the Afghans are making. If you are an American and ashamed to be part of a country who provides the most financial and humanitarian aid in the world, and who comes to the assistance of anyone who asks it without any questions feel free to leave and give up the freedoms you have. Besides do you hide behind your faith as a matter of convenience. Because if the Taliban drive "all the foreign forces out" as you want the Afghan people will be the ones to suffer a worse fate than this.

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  19. usa stopkilling

    it's annoying to see an entire nation pretend that it;s not their fault that people all over the world are dying because of the political leaders they elect. and the stupid decision the US army and marines make when executing their missions.. I just saw the full version of the Iraqi journalist being gunned down by helicopter pilot and its ridiculous that the marine think they can tell the difference between an AK 47 and a camera from that far away. they were obiously mistaken..

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  20. Azhar Khurshid

    I may sound passimistic, however I have stopped waisting my energy by blamming US or Taliban. Bottom line is that both parties have inflicted losses to each other and in this course innocent civilians become victom. When US kills civillian it is called as Friendly fire or Mistake however when Taliban does this they call it Cowerd or hanious act. Who is right only God knows. What I know that US is addament in its attituted of imposing democracy on others no matter if it has to use people like Karzai (who they now realise was a mistake) well before you realize that this whole war was a mistake (like Iraq), please spare the lives of people who want to see peace in there beloved home land.

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  21. rawideasinc

    The unjustified killing of anyone should be punished accordingly no matter who the offender is ,and kind of got off subject in my first post ,and appologise for that ,,,,,,,,,,the issue of the loss of inncent life has been overlooked ,and the lack of sensitivity to it threatens the core of our understsnding and exceptance of our shared goal of prosperity with peace .

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  22. Lisa

    There's a reason it's called a "war" and not a "tea party." In war, bad things happen and unfortunately they sometimes happen to innocent people. I may not like it, but what's happening in Afghanistan is a war. There are two sides to this story and, so far, I don't believe that a final determination was made. Until any one of us is in the situations that occur in Afghanistan, I'm not sure how we can condemn what any of our soldiers do. They make the best decisions they can in each situation. Yeah, I do believe that and you can call me whatever you want. I like to call myself someone who thinks and understands that very little of life is black and white.

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  23. JC

    No matter what your hear, or see, or how the picture is painted, you HAVE to be there, in the US soldiers shoes before you make a decision.

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  24. Heather

    I am sure the cover up is on the Afghan side. Framing our forces to make them look bad and create an international incident. I am so proud of our forces over there and all the sacrifices they have made for our government. I wish all the so called Americans here that call our military anything but honorable would leave this country. They don't deserve to be here.

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  25. Heather

    The Army trains these guys to fight and then the Obama admin ties their hands. They have been trained to kill but cannot defend themselves. No wonder its a f-ing mess over there. We need to let it be over there and bring our boys home.

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  26. A Proud Marine's Mom

    My son is over there to defend this country, so everyone can enjoy their freedoms. It is not free and sometimes it comes at an ugly price, but it is not the american troops that planting the roadside bombs or the I.E.D's or the suicide bombers that kill how many innocent lives. How many innocent lives were taken on 9/11, yet we are there training Afghan Army, so we are alone in this. Do not get me wrong, I pray for all the innocent people and all of the families that has lost a loved but if you do not like the fact that we are there and embarrassed or ashamed leave on your way out THANK A VET.

    April 10, 2010 at 6:36 pm | Report abuse |

    im currently serving in afghanistan, all your ignorant comments about americans not having rules and not respecting islam are heinous!.. none of you know what policies are implimented and what the "Rule Of Engagement" is here. you need to do your research before piping up and saying such ENTIRELY WRONG things.

    americans are in afghanistan on a "NATION BUILDING" mission.. there is no "WAR" waged on afghanistan. we are here to support reconstruction and provide support to the afghan government which is corrupt beyond beleif.. we have put billions of dollars into rebuilding this country and the efforts are ongoing. i urge all of you to really take a look inside and tell me you dont feel it is right for americans to be helping this country for the future generations..

    by all means i DO NOT condone the actions of "COVERING UP" civilian casualties, they should have fessed up, but this story does not give any backbrief to the actual actions on objective which could have caused this act. i personally dont know.. but all your ignorace and comments on no respect for islam.. show me a strong leader in this countrys government who hasnt embessled money for themselves and actually done something for its people!.. there are NONE! and i beleive a foundation of islam is to help take care of the less fortunate... i dont want to hear that bogus talk of americans have no respect..

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  28. Mario Berardelli, Montreal Canada

    This kind of incident happens in every war, but there is one way and only one way of dealing with it. That is by investigation and the Rule of Law. If the Afghan citizens see us acting ethically and without hypocrisy then we will gain their respect, but if we act like a bunch of savages protecting our behinds, then we suffer the consequences. Afghanis have lived in a war zone since 79 and they know s__t happens!

    April 10, 2010 at 10:43 am | Report abuse |
  29. Alex

    My husband is currently in Afghanistan. I wish he wasn't. I know enough to tell you that Americans there believe in the mission and believe that they are helping the Afghanis. Of course this is war. It is awful that things like this will happen. Americans take extreeme precautions in all they set to do. My husband tells me of all the good that has been done so far, but that is never reported. Children (girls and boys) can go to school and the people are free to do business, something that the Taliban has discouraged for years. For all you Muslims that hate American, why don't you go back home and take care of your own! I believe Americans should not go to these countries to die for the likes of liars and terrorists!

    April 10, 2010 at 9:53 am | Report abuse |
  30. Gary parkinson

    History shows that fighting a guerrilla war in mountainous terrain is unwinable.A shining example is Nepals Maoists.

    April 10, 2010 at 9:22 am | Report abuse |
  31. Soldier

    I would imagine it would be easy for all of you to comment on a situation such as this, seeing that you're on the other side of the world, and that all you know about occurences such as these, is what you read on a website, or see on the news. Every media source has an agenda, as does everyone else.
    You all make comments one way or another about a situation (such as this) which, mind you, is only "alleged". In this great nation, in which I have found my own way to support (by fighting for my country, allowing you all the excellent privilege of voicing your opinion, no matter what it is) it is still to assume one is innocent, until proven guilty.
    In accordance with that, comments such as "Americans have no law" and "It's just Lock and Load and go" hold little to no truth. We're one of the few nations in the entire world that holds a standard when it comes to the battlefield. I may or may not be in agreeance with this war, but what I can agree on is that without this country, and the rights and privileges it has afforded me, I (nor would you) be in anywhere near the position we are in.
    Next time you decide to say something on the matter, just think about how you might feel if you were staring down the barrel of a weapon, knowing the enemy is on the other side.
    Food for thought.

    April 10, 2010 at 6:15 am | Report abuse |
  32. simplefact

    This is not Vietnam. It's more like the Somali pirate situation. Innocent people could have been inadvertently killed but the result was 3 dead Somali thugs. Osama is the thug that masterminded 9/11.

    April 10, 2010 at 4:52 am | Report abuse |
  33. simplefact

    The best way to drive the Americans out of Afghan is to show us Osama's head! Otherwise, we'll cripple you - the Taliban! It's just a matter of time and you don't have that much time! 🙁

    Just watch!

    April 10, 2010 at 4:40 am | Report abuse |
  34. Th3 Doc

    I do not feel anykind of grieve for these deaths, The people of Afaganistan should take arms and drive out the Taliban. They must understand that the U.S military is not there to kill inocent people but get rid of the organization that planned the attack on the twin towers. If U.S Forces would receive more support from the people of Afaganistan the Taliban would already be out of this country.

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  35. Adam

    Anyone on here who believes that what is happening in Afghanistan today is the same as the Vietnam War or what occurred during the 1980's obviously has very little if any idea as to what they are saying.

    April 10, 2010 at 2:26 am | Report abuse |
  36. anonymous 1

    This is a rare incident, but gets played up by the media to make us seem like the bad guys. Ther have been three IED strikes against civilians in western afghanistan in the last two wekks that have killed dozens and wounded even more. Maybe you should do your research before you all say America is so bad. Also, if I recall, after this terrible incident, the night raid Rules of Engagement were changed. Civilian casualties are a tragedy, but put yourself in the soldier's position, you are out there everyday recieving fire from hidden enemies that use the population as shields. How do you know who the enemy is without putting yourself at too much danger? Oh and this is not another Vietnam, do you all forget how they flew two planes into the twin towers, killing thousands of people? We had a reason to be here, but people forget that. I hope you all can pull your heads out, stop listening to uncredible media sources and check out the real stories of what good we are doing over there.

    April 10, 2010 at 12:31 am | Report abuse |
  37. Aki Nawaz

    Ask yourself this question
    Why is that there is a lack of journalists or media covering these operations as they happen or as quick as possible.?

    This kind of murder is going on all the time and recently it has become a killing field.

    Afghanistan and Pakistan in a joint policy of both those GOVTs and NATO/USA/UK have systematically managed to clear these areas of reporters so they become less accountable for atrocities and killings.They are managing the information as they wish it to be portrayed and only get caught out on the off chance.

    I know as I tried to get in to attempt to document the drone attacks and whether they were actually managing to kill the so called insurgents but sources said that the above policy was rampant and its too dangerous not because of the Talibhan but the above structures.

    No need to say more let your imagination join the dots.

    Sad and repulsive

    April 10, 2010 at 12:22 am | Report abuse |
  38. Daniel

    @Abdul.I totally agree with you.The only decent solution is to clear out of Afghanistan and just ignore all these right-wing,war mongering fools who blog in here to glorify this heinous war.

    April 9, 2010 at 7:54 pm | Report abuse |
  39. Jal

    Unjustified crimes against humanity: Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan...
    What can one expect from an uncivilized ruthless pistol-wielding country built on the innocent blood and bones of the natives?
    USA should remember that unjustly trodden people do not forget nor forgive the horrendous crimes committed by people of alien culture, religion and ethnicity.

    April 9, 2010 at 7:20 pm | Report abuse |
  40. a pacifist

    War is ugly. If you don't have the stomach for it then make your voices heard by your representatives. There has never been war without civilian deaths. Civilian casualties ARE part of war. When it is done on purpose, by soldiers or anyone else, it is a crime. When it is done in error, it is war. Accept it or become a pacifist and refuse to accept all violence, including self defense.

    April 9, 2010 at 7:11 pm | Report abuse |

    Abdul, you need to get your facts straight. First off, Custer LOST the Battle of LITTLE Big Horn. The problem we have here is that Muslims have no respect for families or Islam in general. BTW American forces dont occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, we only police the masses from killing each other. The only reason the Mujhideen "beat" the USSR is beacause the United States financially supported them. What you dont know MIGHT squeeze into the Grand Canyon.

    April 9, 2010 at 6:06 pm | Report abuse |
  42. Abdul

    Afghanistan is turning into another Vietnam. American's have no laws, no respect for families or Islam in general. It's lock and load and move on, so much like General Custer and the Battle of Big Horn.

    I am an American Muslim and I feel shame and discust for all the forces who occupy that region. I do hope, that soon, Afghanistan, will drive out all foreign forces like they did to all previous forces in the past.

    April 9, 2010 at 3:25 pm | Report abuse |
  43. Babak

    If killing innocent people by taleban is crime, then what, if these are killed by American? No difference, American are the teriorests as they came from USA for killing these people!

    April 9, 2010 at 3:08 pm | Report abuse |
  44. CB

    Right-wingers believe in the death penalty...so if they are found guilty they should receive it...see we are consistent within our worldview...how about you...?

    April 9, 2010 at 1:02 pm | Report abuse |
  45. FED_UP_American

    No different than My Lai incident in 'Nam. We dont learn our lesson(s) very well.......the same repeat will happen again in Afghanistan. Not sure why these politicians in DC aren't learning anything from the Russians–they couldn't defeat the insurgency...what makes them think they can? Get out now–save the taxpayers money–and eran the respect of other nations.............after all, we are just another country in the World.....not the only one.

    April 9, 2010 at 12:59 pm | Report abuse |
  46. Daniel

    I expect to see more of these right-wing fools blogging in here defending what those guys did,no matter how heinous.

    April 9, 2010 at 11:12 am | Report abuse |