April 5th, 2010
08:15 AM ET
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  1. RudyT

    Ladies, Gentlemen,

    Why in the first place did humans in this planet have wars (tribal conflicts, revolts, revolutions, world wars) in the first place? Is it usually economic dominance for a projected span of twenty (20) years minimum (or for life?).?

    It looks like the main reason is simply conflict of economical interest (solution unluckily is not that simple unlike tribal wars sometimes).

    What is it that is so desirable so that major players want to have control of the Middle East that so much blood is being shed?

    Can't we not just harness the powers of the winds, oceans, and our sun instead?

    Common folks!

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  2. lexieleu

    Sayed has a point. Its all different if it was the US experiencing the constant impact from another country with completely different cultures and values. The US has no right to interfere with others problems... Its completely ridiculous to even try to say we are trying to maintain peace over there. We are making means worst and carrying on an unnecessary battle. Why are we wasting our men and our people for a cause that doesn't even threaten our country? There are two sides to every story. Yes I am thankful for young/old men/women who are willing to give up their life for mine but is it worth it? Is it worth losing family members to make barely any progress in another country? The US isn't as innocent as we all lead to believe. Propaganda is a real aspect of life and we can't fail to realize that. How can any of you know what you're saying to be true? You don't. The soldiers fighting for the US don't even know why they are there let alone all of us Americans sitting on our computers back home. We should be thankful for the peace our own country has received for the time being and continue with isolationism. We need to mind our own business.

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  3. literati

    Sayed- I have just returned from Palestine, and have a fair understanding of the difference between them and Pakistani. Those American revolutionaries took on the major military power of its time. They did not go hunting for the Tories (British sympathizers) and kill off their entire familiy, or create caos by bombing civilians, because they were an easier target than taking on the British Army.
    You glossed over that rag tag army comment. Why are they fighting us? Do they not want to be self governed, dislike democracy? i am not the decision maker, but believe that we would like nothing better than not being there. The key being that locals take hold of their own situation, demonstrate that they have and will continue to subdue terrorists and alleviating the threat to the world, and creating a government that effectively allows its people reasonable human rights.
    While I do believe in God, my simple philosophy is that each day represents an opportunity to learn or teach something, value your family and friends, reach out and make friends with someone, be serviceable to your fellowman and help whenever you can.
    I don't know what you think the US has to gain in Iraq or Afghanistan, but it is neither worth the cost in money or death being exacted.

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    Sayed, the story was about how our military celebrate a Christian holy day while overseas. The reality is that our military is present in Islamic countries. The reality is that if Islamic extremists did not come to our shores, we would not be in those countries now. there would have been no public support of a war. The reality is, if these same countries could keep themselves from killing each other, our sons and daughters could come home. Our presence in Iraq is neglible these days, but every day there are reports of bombings throughout the country. I thought Muslims were not supposed to kill other believers? If these countries had policied their own radical groups then we would not feel threatened by them. I believe we walk a very narrow line attempting to honor your traditions while our troops are in country. For every story of the horror of American occupation; there is a story of American troops tending to a child or an elderly woman or any number of occasions where they attempt to give aid and assistance. You want us to believe that jihad would stop if we withdrew our troops. It was my understanding that a jihad was to the death. Should we believe in the honor of the majority of Muslims who are bound to their religious leaders anymore than you apparently believe in our honor as a free nation? Who is being naive here? Historically, Americans have never left a country after a war in a worse condition than it was when we arrived. We have paid enormous amounts of money to rebuild in every country we have ever been in, including Afghanistan. There are more roads now than when we arrived. That can not be a bad thing for any country. Perhaps we should have assisted the Russians in their attempt to conquer Afghanistan. It would have saved thousands of American lives. I am sure Islam would have flourished under Russian rule. Surely the Pakistanis have a vested interest in a neighbor who did not threaten their freedoms. Do they not have a global obligation to facilitate that? The world is a smaller place, everyone must learn to live in harmony with their neighbors, that does not include calling jihad because others chose to live differently. Let's try wishing us a Happy Easter or Good Passover and we will wish you a Good Ramadan. Baby Steps.

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  5. surfsup

    Great! Christian's should be able to celebrate easter in the military. Now, let's have those that are muslim be able to celebrate their religious days in the military. Now, let's have the jewish be able to celebrate religious days in the military. Hindus,Buddist etc. A day or two set aside for atheists would be in order as well. How about an international religious day of peace? How about an international religious week/month of peace. Or could it be that religions are perpetrators of war? If so all religions are terriorist organizations and all supporters are the same. Church and state should be separate. History shows that when churchs rule the military wars are the result!

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  6. SenojM

    The "spin" is that there are brave men and women out there who didn't get to celebrate Easter in the traditional way because they are in a foreign land. The "spin" is that you owe them your gratitude for their sacrifice, and people like you should be eternally grateful there is no draft in this country.

    Happy Easter to all. And a heartfelt thanks to every serviceman who couldn't be with his family this year.

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  7. A. Smith, Oregon

    And what is the spin here? That Jesus rode into the East Gate to the Temple on a Abram's A2 Tank on his way to successfully kill all of the people inside and steal all of their loot?

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