March 31st, 2010
08:13 AM ET
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  1. Laurent

    I am, as a french citizen glad to see that our armies fight together for freedom in the world.
    Hope it will finally be usefull to bring an end to this war and will help us to go further in joint operations in Afghanistan.
    Thanks to all the soldiers of the ISAF for what they give every day for freedom and democracy, and for their outstanding courage.


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  2. Major T

    I have worked with the French Army in two conflicts. They are not well thought of by other nations or the US. I did not like working with them because they are lazy and self centered.

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  3. AmericanPatriot

    I just wanted to say, THANK YOU to the French for helping us out and also, lets not for get, they helped us defeat the English and establish our Independence in 1776!

    Vive LaFayette!

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  4. Abdullah

    there is no majority or minority in this country. ISI is pushing for this idea that one particular tribe is majority. there have never been a real census in the history of this land.if someone say he knows there have been any he is fooling himself.

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  5. Chris

    Havin Fun, you summed it up good and proper: Credit should be given where it is due.

    I took a dim view of the American officers who, behind our ally's backs, tried to ridicule the French but were always at the head of the line at the monthly French breakfasts to which they were invited. You should have seen them go for the fresh bread and cheeses, almost shoving their way to the table.

    I am indebted to French troops for saving my neck a couple of times, and I'm tired of negative commentary from people who have very little knowledge of the subject and consequently let their imaginations establish their reality.


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  6. Tar de Moutonnoir

    Anyone who thinks there is no war booty is seriously misinformed.
    There are geo-strategic reasons for this invasion, it has nothing to do with Al-Qaeda.

    I hope someday soon the populations o ht western world wake up and realize what is being done in their name.

    If only they could put down the bag of chips long enough to pull themselves away from the
    television and use their brains to quell their ignorance, they may realize what the constant state of war since American inception is really about.

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  7. HUNKY

    Good work Mr. Sarkozy, and thanks for your support !!!!
    Couple of years ago I look to French as a unfriendly country, and try to hide from the responsability of every democratic country in the world, to fight our number one enemy, islam terrorist !!!!

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  8. Havin Fun

    Now I wasn't a big fan of the french after everything that happened leading up to the invasion of Iraq, but at the same time lets be fair. Since WWII they have been most everywhere that the americans have been. They WERE there with us during the first gulf war. They were there in the Former Yugoslav Republics, and might I note they were there longer than we were. They were there in Somolia as part of Unified Task Force (UNITAF). In fact there has only been two times I can remember that France has let us down. When Ronald Regan wanted to bomb Libya (they didnt let us fly over thier airspace) and the Iraq war. You could point to Korea but they had thier own hands full at the time in VIetnam (and to spite what us americans think, Our own government took that on willingly). So no they havent been the true faithful ally the British have been standing shoulder to shoulder with us through everything, but you do have to respect, especially as an american, people standing up for thier own opinion. Frankly I am glad to see the German army participating more now (even though there is some controversy over it). But in the end we should be thankful for the friends we have, they might not be brothers like Britian is, but they are friends we can count on.
    By the way De Gaulle want all that and a bag of chips either. Look at his WWII politics. You had a better man in the wings until De Gaulle shamefully got involved. Besides, If I remember right shortly after that election the Foriegn Legion sent a sniper to assassinte him correct?
    Get off of the religios kick people, It doenst matter if it is Islam or Christian (remember we had christian terrorist too, and if you have forgotten go to northern Ireland and see for yourself), or national or tribal pride, evil men will use what ever they need to get people to rally behind them and do thier will. And they will exploit what they have to to do it.

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  9. Chris

    The French are "finally" acting like an ally? John,French forces have been in Afghanistan as a part of ISAF from the beginning. I served a year in Afghanistan (2004 to 2005) alongside French and British forces. Many Americans assume that the French refusal to join the invasion of Iraq meant it wasn't fighting anywhere. Like France, Canada also refused to go along with the invasion of Iraq but has a large presence in Afghanistan. Odd that Canada wasn't vilified not helping to invade Iraq.

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  10. Arnaud

    I'm surprised the French commander there was not interviewed at all, talking about the ongoing collaboration with the us forces since the beginning of the war for instance.
    France does not get as it was already mentioned any benefits from this war; though it is considered that fighting there can decrease the chances of having a safe haven for would be terrorist, who then would target both the usa and western europe.
    Nevertheless this is a costly war which has yet to show its usefulness IMO, especially since now the leadership of the taliban as underlined in the video is in Pakistan (which contrary to france never really acted as an ally, since their security forces are at the least complacent, sometimes helping out terrorists).
    To learn more about the french military, do a quick research on the web and you wll find that we are a major force and always have been, including the dgse fight against radical islam terrorists.

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  11. Hajji Muhammad salim

    Is there quality of life under these fanatics, these rabid dogs we call the Taliban or Al-Qaeda.... They kill their own people who are our brother/sister muslims! They make a mockery of the good teachings of the Prophet whose name is Great ! They teach intolerance of others, Hatred for the ones who do not share their views – They spread lies and death ! I say we have to do everything to get rid of these vermin to make the world a better place for our children. Inshallah ! Our sacrifice will defeat these vermin.... We should all care and do our part muslim and christian....

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  12. Russell

    Adam, I appreciate your opinion, but the EU is not a nation state. havoc didn't say we contribute more than all other nations combined.

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  13. jerseyjoe

    War booty? Are you kidding, there is nothing of value in Afghanistan. Just look at the place, there aren't even any trees in most places, just rocks and dirt. I applaud the French for finally acting like an ally.

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  14. Adam

    @ havocsniperretired – Well actually the European Union is the biggest contributor to foreign aid, but I agree with your main argument. There is no "war booty", aside from budget deficits, falling domestic support and dead soldiers. France doesn't benefit from having troops in Afghanistan. They don't get some magical pot of oil at the end of it all. The sanctity of human life was being trampled over by the Taliban, and the more we remove them, permanently, the better Afghanistan will become for it's citizens.

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  15. William Dora

    War, Global Economy, Strife, Job Losses are all important issues facing this country as
    well as the entire world. We, as a people and a country (USA and others) must work
    harder to bring a level of peaceful coesxistence to all warring and potentially warring
    nations to ensure there is stability in the world. Yes, we are fighting against eveil empires
    and equally evil people even within this great nation (USA) and in addition we are at the
    same time fighting a battle with those who only see their selfish aims. Let us band
    together as a people and as a county and support what this administration is trying to do
    and that is to get this country back on its economic feet so we will be stronger as a whole
    in order to fght the numerous battles we face. Thanks in advance for reading this.
    And also, this is one person opinion.

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  16. Daniel

    @JC2k.Quite wrong.The best thing France ever did was to defeat England at the end of the Hundred Years War and expell the English from the coutryside and the second best was to elect Ret.Gen.Charles De Gaulle to the presidency in 1958.

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  17. Matthew

    i guess nobody knows the world and globalization as a whole is bigger than any one country and making some other place better now makes our own shores better later. think about the increase in trade of all goods in and out of Afghanistan...when the country is torn by war created by radicals things change. factory's systems abandoned. none of these things are needed to further the rule of a forceful regime in fact those things..the same things that are the building blocks for a global economy are only needed if you want to increase the GDP and living standards of a nation. The Nato forces there are an expensive economic and political tool. by stabilizing the country the economy can grow and trade with the outside world. sanctions that are held over a country when run by tyranny can be lifted. Tariffs lowered..profit margins increase and fuel the global machine.

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  18. JC2k

    Thats the best thing France has ever done... Last time they sat and watched thinking if they did nothing they wouldn't be harmed Hitler rolled through France with tanks. Sitting with your thumb up your rear and pretending terrorist will stop if we stop is asinine. The only way to defeat them is to take control of their money IE Afghanistan. Terrorist dont care about human life, that's why we are at war to begin with.. Have you forgotten 911?

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  19. John

    To which Axis of evil are you referring to? The real one that consists of the Taliban and Al Qaeda who want to make you live under the rule of Shari'a where your "onesmallvoice" wouldn't mean a thing? or your imaginary axis of evil that in your mind is the west? If your so much against the war why don't you move to China or Saudi Arabia where their laws are more in line with your views. It's about time the French step up and take some responsibility instead of selling Iran anti tank mines and stinger emplacements that magically find their way into Taliban hands. Lets not forget why we are out there in the first place. So that radical Islamists will not have a safe haven from which to extend their world caliphate policy. And by the way, if you've ever been to Afghanistan or Iraq you would know that most of the people there don't want us to leave hastily because of misguided public opinion here. They know once we do the Taliban, who is hiding in Peshawar and Kandahar, will slaughter everyone whose ever even talked to a foreigner which is pretty much everyone in the whole country. You want to talk about the sanctity of human life? About human rights? Think about the genocidal nightmare that would occur if we packed up and left. I'll bet you would be right back on here blogging about how we should have never left blah blah blah. If you don't have anything intelligent to say keep your mouth shut so the rest of us can glean some real information from all this.

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  20. Nasrat Rasa

    When will we see a strengthened Afghan state which has support of all Afghan nation including the marginalized Pashtun majority? This will only bring peace and stability to the war-torn country. I do not think the war can have any favorable results while there is corrupt government and people are denied from basic developmental opportunities including education, livelihood and healthcare.

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  21. havocsniperretired

    Where is this war booty you speak of? i wouldnt call a global response to terrorism a taste for killing. lets not forget what our enemies do in combat to captured soldiers/contractors. Lets not forget the enemies savage roadside bombs that claim more of there lives then ours. lets also not forget this country voted to go to war. im a two tour iraq veteren and i can honestly say im happy to see others besides us bodies in the fight. too often the world likes to put all its weight on the US. and do to our "taste for killing" we are also the number one contributors to global AID even during our biggest economic slump since the depression. sanctity of humen life...teach that to a fanatical muslim, christian, jew, etc. id like to see there response.

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  22. Onesmallvoice

    Thanks President Sarkosy,France has joined the axis of evil.Now they too have acquired a taste for killing.I guess they don't want to miss out on their share of the war booty.Forget the sanctity of human life!

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