March 24th, 2010
07:53 PM ET

Around the Web: Details emerge of insurgent faction's peace plan

Carlotta Gall of the New York Times has details of a peace plan presented earlier this week to Afghan President Hamid Karzai by an insurgent faction led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Gall writes:

“A spokesman for the delegation, Mohammad Daoud Abedi, said the Taliban, which makes up the bulk of the insurgency, would be willing to go along with the plan if a date was set for the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country. Publicly, a Taliban spokesman denied that.

The plan, titled the National Rescue Agreement, a copy of which was given to The New York Times, sets that date as July 2010, with the withdrawal to be completed within six months.”

Jim Michaels of USA Today reports that the U.S. is hoping to win the support of poppy farmers who lost their livelihood in Marjah through jobs and financial aid.

“Marines are in the final stages of an overall assistance plan that they can offer to farmers in Marjah, Helmand province. They are considering tapping into a cash for work program and other funding sources. Poppies are about to flower and the harvest will begin in coming weeks,” Michaels writes.

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  1. Mohammed

    This is a great opportunity for the U.S. along with Nato forces to get out of Afghanistan with some honor. No one has ever won a war against the Afghans, you cannot win against an ideology and Afghan ideology will never allow to be ruled by an outside government even if it means every last living Afghan blood has to fight we will fight for our freedom, religion and land. The U.S. knows this along with the whole Nato and the main problem for the the U.S. and its allies is that the Afghans area armed and able to defend themselves. Bring the troops who don't even know why they are fighting home. I think as long as Al Qaida is not allowed to make bases in Afghanistan America and Nato have no business in Afghanistan. Take the deal and get out before more coffins are sent home. The nature of Afghans are warrior based we can fight for another century and still have strong enough will to continue.

    I hope Obama along with Nato realize that this is their wild card for an end to a war that has ruined the economy of the U.S.


    The Afghans believe that we will be winners if we die defending our country and we will be winners if we liberate our country, you tell me how you can defeat that. Bombs will not solve this U.S. problem. An educated decision on Obama's part will save the lives of thousands of U.S., Nato, Taliban. Hezb e Islami forces, Afghan civilians and American civilians. I think this is a deal Obama along with the rest of the world should not pass up lightly

    April 1, 2010 at 1:24 pm | Report abuse |
  2. A. Smith, Oregon

    Who ordered the CIA to attack and breakup the UN peace treaty that was ongoing between UN envoys and Taliban commanders when the CIA arrested the Taliban members?

    I seriously doubt President Obama ordered the CIA to destroy a UN brokered peace talks with their envoys and the Taliban. Did the CIA follow a mandate which directly opposes the executive power to which they are legally and lawfully constrained by?

    I seriously doubt Afghanistan President Karzi was told of the CIA attack on the UN brokered peace talks, as Karzi also had envoys and was involved in those same discussions.

    Did the CIA directly overstep their authority? Did the CIA attack destroy Afghanistan President Karzi's creditability in obtaining a peace treaty with the Taliban?

    March 26, 2010 at 4:56 pm | Report abuse |
  3. Jersey i guess you think that the Taliban will just be cool if the U.S. military leaves? Sure, they wont use their forces to take over Afghanistan again and no way would they just let Al Qaida move back in like the last time they were in power, right? Nah! Its all good boys, they want to chill out and behave like responsible adults over here all the sudden so umm.. yeah...come on home!!!! Nope they promised they wouldnt kill ANYONE else!!! and it was a pinky swear so I know they were telling the truth!!


    March 25, 2010 at 10:19 pm | Report abuse |

    the taliban offers a peace plan, a reasonable one.../ all they ask is for the U.S. to withdraw its troops ...but, oops, it's "no can do" from KFOR ops patrol command center in Washington, ... AFPAK says "No" not in the plan ...military kibush ... withdrawal not an option... the American military machinery is the problem... way too much money available to stop this infranticide war.

    March 25, 2010 at 1:27 pm | Report abuse |