March 17th, 2010
07:56 AM ET
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  1. topper

    A. Smith, Oregon

    i hope you reconsider, though i doubt you will. those "filthy hands" help keep the wolves off the porch and out of our yards. it must be nice to live in a pollyanna world where we all sing kumbaya around the fire making smorz.......

    March 25, 2010 at 9:14 pm | Report abuse |

    Unfortunately reforms in CIA has been necessitated after a suicide attacks on its personnel in Khost Afghanistan where in they were killed but their is no need for reform when CIA is killing others all over the world. I think there is no logic behind giving CIA such huge powers after their failure in averting 9/11 attack. Today America is not the same as was before twin tower bombing and this loss to prestige is mainly due to CIA failure in asessing the repercussions of training the terrorists of today. Now their own creation is a problem for them while in general Americans have been made a target every where in the world. Intelligence networks are to protect own citizens from threats not to confront them with the threats. Despite all best qualities in American nation they are bad due to the role of CIA in world affairs. This is the age of globalisation and after nine years long journy in new millinium American nation has realised and has voted for a CHANGE by taking revolutionary steps in electing African American black as president of USA and which is national verdict against the past history of American as cow boys. CIA needs to understand this reality of a new millinium which has proved that might is not always right. If CIA has any problem in meeting the new realities in world politics then they should ask me for a help to get out of this quagmire as I am the eye wittnes of this three decades long wars in this region and its repercussions for USA and world peace.

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  3. A. Smith, Oregon

    The filthy hands of the CIA appears to be involved in the Iran Cocaine Arms for Contra in South America, Opium-Heroin for the Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. How the HELL does a branch of the US Govt. engage and assist the exportation of illegal drugs around the world while American's at home are sentenced for life in prison for the very same actions?

    Flooding America with cheap Heroin from the Afghanistan Poppy Fields is not in America's best interest, not a core American value, does not contribute to America's safety and SHOULD NOT be linked time after time TO THE CIA being directly involved in that enterprise.

    The filthy hands of the CIA appears to be involved in nearly all of the midnight raids that mistakenly slaughtered large numbers of Afghanistan civilians which have directly resulted in a large blow-back on the US Military's and Afghanistan Govt's. creditability. Many of the surviving family members of those civilian slaughters picked up machine guns and joined the Taliban in attacking American soldiers. How many American soldiers DIED directly as a result of the CIA midnight raid screw-ups?

    The CIA helped Pakistan create, train and instructed the Taliban Fighters to make IED's to fight against the Soviet troops occupying Afghanistan. The CIA helped the Taliban fighters kill the previous Afghanistan President which the USSR had put into power.

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