March 9th, 2010
09:00 AM ET
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  1. deb mcdaniel

    My son, Staff Sergeant Sam McDaniel, is the 3rd person interviewed in the CNN clip. He told me that the movie was realistic, yet NO ONE, repeat NO ONE is cocky in the face of a bomb. That is where the movie departs from reality. He is an EOD tech and is on his 6th deployment–his 5th to a war zone. He does know what he is talking about.

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  2. Naimah

    Thank you for this video clip– it has satisified one of many curiosities I have involving post-9/11 films and how such films may be received by different audiences.

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  3. John Turner

    I was so lucky.
    I enlisted to the British Army (Scots Highlanders) when I was 15.
    I got very bored and bought (money) myself out at 24 yrs.
    I missed action in Borneo by six months when I was 17, then missed out in Northern Ireland when my battalion went their two yearts after I was demobilised.
    Most servicemen do a great job but from my collegues account, battle action is so filled with a mixture of adrenaline and fear....God bless these poor young men in Afganistan and Iraq...

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  4. dsd

    Amen, Carole, nobody ever said this was a documentary. Geez, already, it's a movie.

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  5. Carole Clarke

    It's a Hollywood film – if war can be entertaining Hollywood can do it. It won't be accurate because reality is often boring. The main character played by his own rules – in a real war that can get you and your friends killed. You do have to suspend reality for the duration of the film, then go back to the real war. Would like to see it dissected by the people who do dismantle bombs. If you want to see the war in its reality, enlist!

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