March 4th, 2010
09:25 AM ET
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  1. Kim Dawson-Johnson / marine vet

    For those that are interested in the dog "Buck". He is well living in San Antonio, Tx with a vietnam vet Pastor Larry Sargent. He came with Post tramatic stress disorder but with lots of love and patience he is doing well. Playing on 2 acre property chasing small critters and having fun running everywhere. Thank you buck for servicing our troops. Thank you marines for all your service to this country! Semper Fidelis

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  2. Jason

    I'm with Alpha company 1/6 and I was in the background of that video, I just want to thank everyone for the support they've expressed here. Thanks Atia for showing everyone a little glimpse of our life. Haha, and maybe you can get the word out that Afghanistan is really cold at night. I thought we'd all be icicles in that little room all slept in.

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  3. grateful wife

    This is my husbands unit and i for one am very glad i got to see where he is. I did not see him but he is the one who told me about the clip. To those of you who are complaining that the press should not have released this video there is nothing wrong with this the news brodcasts much worse things daily thank you so much for posting this video!!

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  4. CJ

    Troops, you have our love, gratitude and support. God bless you and return you safe, proud, and satisfied that you have helped make a better world.

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  5. Doc Chuck Hancock

    These guys are Marines. I have walked their walk. They are the salt of the earth. There is no finer fighting force in the world. Be glad they're on OUR SIDE!

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  6. asoldiersmother

    I would rather see what good our soldiers do over in Iraq and Afghanistan. we see and hear so much bad it is nice to see this every now and then. My son will be over their in June it is an inspiration to see this video. I am a very proud mother and like to hear good things about our soldiers. We all need to pray for them and all of there families.
    We get to here about all the adultry and drug users that our chilren and adults look up too which our soldiers should be the ones that everyone should look up too.
    Thank GOD for our soldiers.

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  7. Chris

    Im tired of people not caring about what were doing im a marine with 7th marines and it seems like everyone is so worried about all these people like michael jackson and tiger woods and no one realizes what we do so they can have the right of not caring good luck to the boys over there now oohrah and semper fidelis

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  8. carlos

    Semper Fi Marines!! True Warriors of the American People...Proud to have serve in the U.S Marine Corps. OORah!

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  9. Shelley Hulihan

    As a mother of a returning "Iraqi Freedom" soldier I feel privilegded to be able to view some of our heroes defending and supporting the American values. Freedom is not free!
    My thoughts and prayers are always with our troops.

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  10. asoldierswife

    although it's great to show civilians how the military is doing overseas , i can't help but feel that reporters are bothering them while they have precious little time to rest. I know from experience that while in iraq my husband did not like being reminded of family while on mission , it really distracted him.

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  11. Old Paratrooper

    Remember, you don't have to support the war to support our troops. Many stand behind the flag because they stand in front of it! Patriotic dissent is the luxury of those protected by better men than they are.
    To quote Ronald Reagan,

    "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference, Marines don’t have that problem."

    God bless our nation's warriors and may heaven protect them.

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  12. Jay

    And this isn't on televison, why? Military should have more media coverage, however, not divulging operational details. Tiger Woods never did anything more than sink a couple of golf balls and fool around with a couple of skanks.

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  13. Greg Autrey

    We owe a dept to our military which can ne ver be repaid. Our armed forces personnel accept the orders of their Government without question, not because they are robots, but becuase their cause is a greater one. Of course they have theri own feelings on the politics and the issues, both positve and negative about the war and the situation in Iraq/Afganistan. But they are professionals and do not let theri own personal feelings get in the way of accomplishing the mission they have been tasked to do. While in Viet as a soldier and in Iraq as a contractor, I worked with many soldiers and Marines. They were never shy about voicing their thoughts on the issues of war. Regardless of theri position, there was never a thought that they would not serve this country proudly and do what was expected of them. This is, I think, the stengh of our miliary, to put your own feelings behind them, to do without family and friends, and to risk your life for your country, right or wrong. No one feels the horror of war more then our military. To those who oppose the war, let me tell you that no one opposes war more then those who have to fight it. You can be against war but for our soldiers and supporting them is every true Americans duty. You can be vocal in your opposiotion to war if thats your view but dont confuse the war with not respecting and supporting our military.

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  14. Tara

    My boyfriend is getting ready to go back to ALPHA CO. All I have to say is that they should be putting this on the news let America know what they are doing for us back home! These MEN and WOMEN need to be recognized more and know that they have our support and we're proud of them!!! Where would we be without our armed forces? HOO RAHH!! SEMPER FI!!!

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  15. SGT A

    RT, there's no OPSEC here. Get over it. It's just a snapshot of daily operational life. It's not much different than what you'd see on an AFN report. Seems pretty typical of what I remember from Afghanistan and Iraq, down to the rescued puppy. ha. Hope they get their job done and all come back safe.

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  16. Evelyn Quinones

    I'm so proud of our soldiers. Please keep them safe, bring them home soon. God Bless you all.

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  17. mary weston

    Once again I find myself searching the internet for some news on the 1/6 Alpha co. I understand that not all info is for public knowledge, but Atia you have been a life line for all those famils worried about all our Heros. Please keep up the vital stories on Alpha co. and know we are all waiting day and night for news of them .God Bless You All.! Aunt Mary

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  18. Jim

    Folks...the questions ias aked many times in this relatively short blog: "why doesn't the news broadcast these boys' story?" The answer is simple: mainsteam media is ruled and governed by members of our society that don't want the common person to know the good we are actually doing in this world. If it were truly known what good our military men and women bring to the world, the military would then become a "bargaining tool" in bipartisan politics (think "a Democratic president ordered these men and women to rebuild this town", while "a Republican president ordered these men and women to save this country"). Our military will NEVER get the credit it deserves. They are the true entire society of them.

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  19. Ari

    God bless the United States Marines!
    Thank you for all you do and please know that we are thinking and praying for your safe return.
    Shukran, Atia and crew, for spending time with our guys, and objectively portraying "a normal day in Afghanistan"...

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  20. lou

    i'm worried about buck the ied dog i think he needs some r&r. good luck marines . you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • T.Franco

      Just wanted to let you know that Buck the dog is living in San Antonio, Texas living well with our Pastor and his wife, he is doing better and better everyday. We all love Buck!

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  21. James

    Don't sweat the liberal media. I wish it was a battle we could win but our attention would be better served on the troops themselves.

    Rest assured that these men and women don't do the things we do so that people like Sean Penn can go down and shake hands with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela or Ted Turner's wife can reflect on her trips to Vietnam.

    I have many great memories of deployment homecomings but one of the greatest moments of my life was while returning from Iraq. I had been travelling for over four days with little sleep. I was tired of apologizing to people sitting beside me in planes for not smelling rosey and was generally disgruntled by the long trip from Baghdad. I was in the Atlanta airport and "hours from home" when a stranger saw the Army Combat Unitform I was wearing, walked across the terminal, held his hand out and thanked me for the things I had done for him.

    Did you note that he was a stranger to me but was thanking me for what I had done for HIM!.

    This was a defining moment and I realized that I was not "hours from home" but that I had already arrived home. If his simplistic generosity had this effect on a man of 38 years, imagine what we can do for those very young Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines returning home.

    I am an avid Whitetail hunter and, when I retire next year, will buy about 200 acres of land in MS to hunt. I understand how difficult it is to find time for this passion while spending so much time overseas or dislocated within the states. I will never deny a serviceperson an opportunity to hunt my property while on leave. I hope to start an organization of land owners who will allow the same so that we can organize servicemembers an opportunity to hunt close to home during those two precious weeks of leave when they don't have time to drive hours to public land.

    Each servicemember has different needs but opportunity is a common thread,

    What other opportunities can we offer? Let's take care of them and they'll continue to take care of us!

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    • Paulina

      Articles like this really gaerse the shafts of knowledge.

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  22. Robert

    I am a Retired Marine and I spent time with one of the Battalions that are currently deployed to Afghanistan, while they were in Iraq, I also helped deploy them and 2 other Battalions to and from Afghanistan and Iraq for 3 years on a contiual rotating cycle. The 3 Battalions that were with my Regiment spent more time in a Combat zone then they did with thier families back at home, I believe it was 7 months out and back for 6 then gone again for 7 then back for 6 then gone again for anothe 6. I do not think anyone expressing negative feedback about the military understand how hard it is for those of us that do serve, I will borrow a line from a movie that goes "I would rather them pick up a weapon and fight rather than sleep under the blanket of protection that we provide and then question the way we provide it" I give props to all my fellow Marines in the Combat zone there and tot he Reporters, just remember that what you report should show our Marines in the light and not the dark, so tell the good stories and talk to the young Marines alot as well, they deserve the recognition just as muc as the older ones if not more.

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  23. maggie

    Agree with Debi B. I can support these men and women without getting into the political side of things, they signed up to do a job and serve their country. I pray they stay safe.

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  24. Anton Rodjito

    Our best wishes to all the marines and other Coalition's forces.
    May God be with you always.


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  25. Ken D.

    Reminds me of myself and my buddies in the Marine Corps almost 30 years ago. Keep up the good work Jarheads!

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  26. Debi B

    We just spoke with our son, and the dog Buck is doing fine. He is okay, he has not been there long. To let everyone know that this is a shy dog in general. He took to our son, and he is doing a great job. He is shy with people that he does not know. All of the men are doing a great job there. People are right when they say that the news does not show everything. There are not enough hours in a day. in general the troops are okay, but it is hard for them. No one is happy sleeping in the rain or snow, but they do it, because that is what they signed up for. I am so proud of my son. I support him in every way. Whether I agree with this war or not, I support our military. They are in danger every minute of every day. The are doing are doing a great job.

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  27. Kathy Cheatham

    We were relieved and proud to see our courageous son-in-law, Sgt. Robert Cheatham, in this video. Thank you for the great coverage.

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  28. Debbie

    Thank you Atia for your reporting. This is my son's company and even though I did not see his face I truely believe that he was there! I saw others that we know and it makes my heart so proud. This story and others like it should be up front news! We should not have to go looking for it. God Bless Our Troops!

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  29. Carole Clarke

    Love how they are so laid back and happily sarcastic about the conditions. The IED dog Buck (black lab) was literally NOT a happy camper. They should rotate him back stateside for some R & R and bring in a fresh dog that is not stressed out. Buck may blak at doing his job and that can cost lives.

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  30. lanni

    The media has so many reporters embedded with our combat troops but, the footage aired is so edited and candy-coated, they make it seem like a camping trip. How about airing the footage of our guys coming back inside the wire just to get hooked up to IVs because they're so dehydrated from being without supplies for far too long? How about actually showing footage of our guys sleeping on the ground in the rain and snow instead of just talking about it? How about showing the tears coming down their faces as their comrades are med-evac'd off the battle field? Maybe if the real stuff was aired, we'd get a lot more support for our combat troops.

    My son recently returned from a deployment with the 10th Mountain. God bless every warrior still there. Come home safely!

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  31. SJR200

    Very nice piece. Nothing unusual what these guys are going through. Typical life of a grunt.

    I spent 8 years in the Marine infantry including a year deployed for Desert Storm. I can't tell you the number of times I slept in the rain, mud, wind, cold, was hungry, tired, cranky, missing my family, whatever. It's part of the job. Also part of the job is being able to complain about it. And actually these guys looked in remarkably good spirits, probably because they are actually taking the fight to the enemy. That always tends to liven things up a bit.

    For those people saying our guys are under-equipped or dont have the proper gear... you have no idea what you are talking about. Todays military has fantastic gear and weapons compared to most of the stuff we had. Ballistic body armor, armored HumV's, laser targeting sights, yeah we didn't have any of that. But we carried on in the best tradition of the Marine Corps, just like these guys doing. Great job devil dogs. Take care of business and come home safe.

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  32. Steve Taylor

    There is a worldwide blackout on reporting this war. Do not expect to see any fighting. Atrocities are occouring. Civilians are dying. It would be as interesting as ethnic cleansing if we were to see the real war. Keep it quiet for now and only celebrate when our living troops come home. We all want this to end. We do not need to witness the gore. I am British. I have Afgan friends. I have American friends. Let this war be quick to end.

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  33. KONGE

    I feel y'll, and i think that ,down earth americans deserve real and informative news. However, remember that the same entities promoting the celebrity culture are the ones controlling what goes on the Air; it's all about money!!!!!!!! I wander til when?

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  34. Marine Mom

    Thanks for the update Atia, even though this is not my son's company, we are still reading, watching, following everything in sight–I am hopeful, not only about America's efforts in Afghanistan, but in the love and altruism of our people. The comments from family at home bring hope. In agreement with most commentary here-it is supportive and caring in nature. It is clearly disturbing- this deployment-and it's conditions. My thoughts are with you all, each and every day. We share our resources with my son's company via mail and I encourage every person in America to do the same.

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  35. Diana

    Reports like these are made public so that everyone that complains about everything can see what it's like for everyone in the middle of nowhere in Afghanistan is really living. For all of those that hate the military, this is what they do so you can whine publicly and have an opinion on blogs and web sites. These kinds of videos are the ones that should be on TV instead of the dramatic and exaggerated attention-grabbing segments every night on the news. My husband is currently in Afghanistan and has had to sleep outside with nothing but the clothes on his back. He still believes, regardless of the criticism, that they are doing the right thing. Please realize that these Marines and all other troops are doing this for you. Thank those troops around you because that is what keeps them motivated. God bless.

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  36. Natalie

    Atia thanks so much. It was so great to see my husband alive and well!!!

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  37. gun.of.liberty

    Sympathy for the dog. I sincerely hope they bring that dog to the states and give a good home.

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  38. Jetea'

    They look like a bunch of fun guys. Love the Rudolph, pity the dog, absolutely LOVE our Marines. Ooh-Rah guys. Get home safe. God Bless every one of you.

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  39. CARLOS


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  40. mmmm


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  41. andrew lubin

    Why not let America see what our Marines are doing in Afghanistan? Our Marines ROCK!!

    Hey RT – not only am I am embedded reporter with 10 trips into A'stan, Iraq, Beirut, and Haiti, but my son's going out soon on his 5th deployment – other than a loud mouth, what have you or your family contributed to the war effort?


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  42. Debi B

    I really appreciate all of the clips that Atia is putting online. My son is the Marine MP Dog Handler that Atia was talking to with the dog Buck. I am so happy to see my son and see with my own eyes that he is okay. I have not seen him since January, and at this point telephone calls are rare. I am sure the other families are thrilled to see their family members alive and well also. She is a brave woman, I appreciate her being there, and the job she is doing.

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  43. Derek Vinson

    May God continue to bless the marines and soldiers as they try to provide security in Moshtarak, Afghanistan. The average American citizen doesn't undertand the sacrifices the men and women make to keep America and other nations safe and free from harm. I wish there was more news coverage of the outstanding accomplishments of American and Afghanistan militaries. The positive news coverage would allow the world to see the great work our men and women are doing. I also ask everyone to take a few minutes out of their busy daily schedule to say a prayer for the men and women of our military for a safe and productive tour of duty. God bless America!

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  44. Carla williams

    So thankful for the coverage u gave us. My son is with 1/6 Alpha and i enjoyed your tweets and video throughly. It was nice and helpful to see what our sons, husbands, uncles, brothers, friends, and etc. go thru for this country. My son called last nite after a very long 3wks. He mentioned you and your crew. This is his 2nd deplotyment to the Ghan and the first time he mentioned an embedded reporter. Kinda think he was impressed. He also said that you interviewed him, but I have watched all your released videos and have not seen him. I wonder if there is a way to get that footage. I also posted on your fb the same question. I know just another determined marine mom. Really though thank you. If you can get me this please email me or message back on fb. Thank you Carla

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  45. Lynn

    One of these Marines is my son. You have no idea how it feels to look at a news video and see the smiling face of someone so dear to you. It is truly priceless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  46. reyhn

    Folks, there are things we can do for our boys on the front line. there are numerous organizations that support them by sending them letters of encouragement and care packages, donate to one of the support organizations. Or, send them letters and care packages yourselves.

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  47. Mark

    Thanks Atia! Your excellent reporting of the challenges faced everyday by these brave young Marines is greatly apprecitaed by the families back home. Keep up the good work and be safe.

    March 4, 2010 at 11:00 pm | Report abuse |
  48. Maritta

    Why isn't the news media putting out the word that our children are NOT getting the support that they need while in harms way. Look at what they have to endure doing our business. The damn politicians know the real conditions, but they're spending all their time on sound bytes for Haiti, Chile, etc. while letting this go on. I don't understand why this isn't front page news and the lead story on the 6:00 TV news.

    March 4, 2010 at 9:35 pm | Report abuse |
  49. Donna

    I also would like to see more positive on-the-air reporting done of our troops. These are the people who should be on the news. Another insipid news story of some pathetic, self-involved celebrity makes me consider ending it all. I want the stories of the decent acts the soldiers are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Why do we never see the stories on the air about the soldiers who provide clothing, food, school supplies, and medical assistance to the native population? I know these things happen because I have sent soldiers clothing, school supplies, and baby food for the Afghan people the troops support. It's a shame that the corporate heads don't think this is news worth putting on the air. For all those out there who want to get a feel for what is really happening, go to .

    March 4, 2010 at 9:07 pm | Report abuse |
  50. K. Duggan

    These men are the real heroes. Instead, we get the usual talking heads who have nothing but criticism of their efforts. Most people have no idea of the effort it takes to be a part of an operation like Moshtarak. The imbedded reporters have real courage to walk alongside these warriors.

    March 4, 2010 at 7:09 pm | Report abuse |
  51. A. Smith, Oregon

    Sadly in this new found openness there is virtually no reports on the massive amount of returning soldiers with serious pulmonary breathing problems brought on by forcing the Marines to erect their tents near the burn-pits where they constantly breath toxic fumes.

    March 4, 2010 at 6:29 pm | Report abuse |
  52. Dinfos Scholar

    Without food, proper gear or a comfortable bed to rest their heads on the Marines from Alpha Co. move forward with their mission and operations in Moshtarak, Afghanistan. The tirelessness of these Marines is unnoticed as they seek shelter during a long rainy and sandy night in the home of a local Afghan. Early morning they get up, pack up and continue to march with no guarantee on whether or not they will find shelter at their next stop.

    March 4, 2010 at 10:25 am | Report abuse |
  53. Brian

    I don't understand why clips like these never end up airing on television. These boys are true heroes, fighting for you and I, but instead we get to see Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Tiger Woods. I simply can't unserstand our countries fascination with celebrity. I would like to see more of our nations heroes that are fighting overseas on the news, and more often.

    To the Marines fighting in the trenches of Marjeh: I salute you and wish you all safe passage home to your families.

    March 4, 2010 at 9:52 am | Report abuse |
  54. RT

    Embedded reporters should not be exposing these internal details; so much for transparency.

    I hope that those reporters involved in these detailed expose have relatives in the Allied Forces against them enemies in that region.


    March 4, 2010 at 9:39 am | Report abuse |