March 2nd, 2010
10:29 AM ET
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  1. Mohammad A. Dar

    Biodin, Without knowing, you have used the one of the most undesirable corrupted and source of very argument against, somebody perverted beliefs. called religion. religion meaning, Return to the another mans slavery and is the handiwork of plagiarist Egyptian and Persian Pagan Parthia's.Our masters Moses, Easu, corrupted to be called, Jesus, Mohammad Peace be upon them, never taught this corruption of the truth called religion. They taught the Law and lived by the law. The word religion does not exist in divine language. They did not preach, no religion, as a matter of fact they fought against it. Islam is not a Religion, but a way of life in observance of the laws (Limitations). By the way Law, like justification, it self is a corruption of the Word La. meaning, Limit with the essence of truth, unlike law with the essence of a reason. A Muslim does not believe in religion but the "Truth" THEE' N.

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  2. Jules

    bill star, huon, those brave americans who you refer to as "evil" and "overpaid clowns" were doing a job not many people are willing to do - risk their lives to prevent another attack on the homeland. Nice of you to be thankful for their sacrifice.

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  3. Biodun

    there is no justification whatsover for terrorism; there is none for imposing a version of any religious faith on others. on the other hand, all faiths and political tendencies that do not threaten others can be accomadated and can flourish in a democratic setting

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  4. Mohammad A. Dar

    Dan, Tyranny is an illegality, Favorite tool of a tyrant to impose his tyranny on his victim. Yes , we Muslim believe in Master Easu (Anointed one) corrupted to be called Jesus, having no meaning.( so for no body has been able to explain. If you know the exact meaning of it, please enlighten us.) Peace be upon him. We follow him in spirit, as he was or the way he was, but we do not believe in any Pharisee. ( an out law) The one who calls himself, I am a Pharisee son of a pharisee, without knowing the meaning of it, and proclaiming, The one who will live by the law, will be damned by the law. without knowing meanings or sense of these words. Naturally these are the words of a Pharisee, (an out law) Pharisee is opposite to the Hebrew. meaning, The dedicated one to the laws. By the constitution law's (and known to Muslim as Shria laws) Master Easu, the son of Mary, the heavenly lady, peace be upon him, lived and taught to others. only the law's. When you condemn, the Muslims to follow it, do you condemn, every body, who followed it, including Master Easu? (Pbh) Being a christian please enlighten the Muslim community, whom do you follow, The one who lived by the law, and taught the law, or the one who directed his follower " do not drink water but the wine. I think you know better than us, what the state of mind this person had. By the Constitution law, self defense is paramount. Since terror on tyrant, in kind is permitted, to punish the tyrant, what is wrong if a Muslim applies it on a tyrant. (an out law) please remember what the Holy Bible says, WHO SHOULD CAST THE FIRST STONE. Naturally the victim.

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  5. David

    The main point of this war is to bring down the financial capability of the U.S. In this process, al-queda has dis-centralize. A lot of the bombing is done with a small group of individual who does not even know Bin-laden or the second in command. This war has become a lifetime war that will last for generations to come. Resisting western civiliazation, which is the way the entire world is going, will not be easy for them. they know this for sure, but they believe in the fact that History will have their names on record that will serve as hero to their progeny.

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  6. David Chira

    The President goes on National TV and Mandates, temporaryly, all Dentists, and Doctors in the USA, to keep their Licinces Valid must volunteer ONE DAY out of EVERY SIXTY , AT a LOCAL elementry school, to be organized by the local licencing agency, to schedual each dentist and doctor at their area school ! David Chira

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  7. Haydn

    As long as there are radicals in all faiths (Christian and Muslim included), as long as there are people willing to die for one piece of land and not another, as long as there are people who are afraid of things that they don't understand, and as long as there are people (leaders especially) who value their own lives over any others and to what ever cost, we will be at war in some way and in some place.

    Retribution and fear instead of forgiveness and trust.

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  8. huon

    The CIA are a bunch of overpaid clowns.

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  9. HHH

    The American is at fault here,why declare war on us,why support Israel,The American support Israel because the bible ask you to do so.

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  10. bill star

    CIA were probably evil anyway possibly did this world a favour and disposed of this evil that controls the world 🙂 death to all evil.

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  11. Dan Nelson Lafayette,IN

    Naqeeb, I know that there are both good people and bad people with all religions, race and ethnicity but I do have to ask why the good people of the Muslim faith do not stand up against these terrorists and why do we the U.S. and NATO have to do all the dirty work when they are trashing your religion? At the least we should here every day from the Muslim faith that these terrorists who even terrorize their own people should repent or be killed or captured.

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  12. Oliver, NY

    "The root cause is the spirit within the hearts and mind of the radicalized and indoctrinated muslim.The spirit of death and destruction reigns in their hearts ans mind. as Paul said we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but principalities,powers and spirit of darkness." – Pinoy

    brilliant by the way

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  13. Oliver, NY

    Every time I see a video like this, there are tons of comments saying "bah this is what muslims do". Honestly, this is the behavior that leads to attacks! PLEASE stop giving the terrorists what they want. They thrive on Western ignorance. If we show them that we are far from ignorant, things will improve. Sure, the problem won't be fixed, but more public support for anti-terrorism is more than welcome.

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  14. Daniel

    How quick we are to criticize regimes we don't like,like Syria and Lybia for torturing political prisoners,but nobody says anything about Jordan and Saudi Arabia or even us.I have a horrible suspicion that whatever this man knew,will be tortured out him sooner or later.

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  15. Devin Salyars

    You all have valid points on this matter. If these attacks continue on our soldiers, and others of our allies, then we can expect this war to go on for years more. If we don't consider every foreign immigrant a possible threat, then how are we supposed to be ready for an attack? Without caution, our great nation will crumble. It is all a matter of perspective here, and I tell you this; these tyrants have definitely made this into a Holy War, they better pray to Allah, that the United States Special Forces Unit doesn't cream them, because believe me, our boys are sure as heck planning on it.

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  16. Francis H Giles

    Maybe Dan does mean "profit", to wit God profitted from the existence of Jesus. Just a thought!

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  17. James Peace

    T.E. Lawrence said: It is better to let them do it themselves imperfectly, than to do it yourself perfectly. It is their country, their war, and you are to help them not to win it for them. And our time is short.

    Freedom and democracy just a mask, the truth is "Military Industry Conspiracy".
    This a big military experiment and open air military laboratory.
    And we're play "dumb hide and seek" inside.

    This not the war on terror, but the war on greed generals

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  18. Naqeeb

    Dan, I am a Muslim and an Afghan. Why the alqaida and taliban want to kill me? Every muslim is not a terrerist, I myself is agaist the war and i used to help international journalists after recieving life treath messages and losing my friend Ajmal Naqshbandi i left i my country. You can see the Documentary about my freind. Fixer: the taking of ajmal naqshbandi. I am sure you will learn alot of things.

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  19. Pinoy

    The root cause is the spirit within the hearts and mind of the radicalized and indoctrinated muslim.The spirit of death and destruction reigns in their hearts ans mind. as Paul said we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but principalities,powers and spirit of darkness.

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  20. sarpong

    i pesonally think obama should not try to be fair to some of these suspects especilly mastermind of sept 11.they do not deserve simpathy looking at what they can do.

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  21. thadukki

    As long as the so called super powers meddle in the affiars of other countries for their own benefit, world will continue to be an unsafe place. 'GOD', 'liberty' and 'social good' are used conveniently by these powers as reasons to do things that finally serve their own purposes. Osama and Saddam were creations of US that went out of control. It is not a case of Muslims attacking the Christians, though it appears to be so. It is essentially the betrayed people attacking the betrayers. I believe in natural selection and hence I believe it is truly a miracle that there are still humane and good people in this world. By the way things are going on, only the prejudiced and manipulative people will be selected to progress in today's world environment. You can see how unsuccessful some one like Obama is going to be. Truly sad state of affiars !

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  22. andrew boone

    This is part of the war on terror, for us to be successful our members of the intelligence community have to meet with enemies and neutral persons, because of this they are vulnerable to these kind of attacks. it is necessary and it will continue

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  23. Andrew Baker

    Dan...perhaps you should read the article about atheism being linked to higher IQ's.

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  24. Aaron

    Dan is right on one thing though. We can't trust any Muslims. We didn't make this war about religion, they did. And everyone of those Hadjis and Towl Heads that have been attacking and killing our boys are not fighting for free elections or democracy, They're killing us in the name of their god. So yes every single person of the Islamic faith is now automatically a suspect in my book and if the Military isn't feeling the same way then god, or whatever is up there, help us all.

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  25. Mike Hocutt

    Either get educated, Dan, or read the news more closely. The killer wasn't an Afghan. No person is a "profit." A prophet, maybe, but not a "profit." And, sorry to disappoint you, but just because you believe in Jesus Christ doesn't make your belief the only right one in this world.

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  26. Dan Lafayette,IN

    I don't think that it is good thing not to check any Afghan for explosives when meeting high officials of the coalition forces. This should not have happened! You can't trust any Muslim fighting in this war The Taliban have infiltrated the Afghan security forces and are willing to die and strap on an explosive vest to kill anyone who wants freedom and democracy to be the rule of law in Afghanistan. Their strict Islamic laws are against the teachings of Jesus Christ and if they think that Jesus is one of God's profits then they are living against God's will with the way they rule!

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