March 1st, 2010
09:47 AM ET
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    rob brander shut up man your proud that 148 canadian troops died for what ? Im from Canada but I dont come onto here like so many other idiotic canadians who dont know what they are talking about, but feel the need to tout canada as the best country in the world cause where not.

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  2. bill star

    the evil that governs this world keep us in the dark about the "cosmos" or whatever you want to call 'space" we are very small organisms too bad we were 100's of miles taller and much smarter then we could do some real traveling disclose all info about diffrent life forms from our plnet and others that are similar to us

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  3. Ben

    I am very distressed that the sacrifice of United Kingdom and European troops has been tarnished by the nonsense talked here. I am obviously from the UK and the knowledge that what our forces do is sneered at from across the atlantic saddens me deeply. UK troops were alongside the US forces from the start in both major conflicts and have surferred casualities all along the way with our US 'brothers'. To think that their sacrifice is not appreciaited again saddens me.

    I agree with Graham that to lump the UK troops in with the other European nations is damn well insulting. The UK has backed the US in everything they have done. The whole war in Afghanistasn was as a direct response to September 11th, and we were there by the US's side from the beginning, our forces suffer casualities almost daily to this day.

    The United Kingdom involvement in Afghanistan is against a deep public feeling against the conflict. I for one think we should see it out, but knowing that our presence is not appreciated I am starting to question my stand!! Lets see how the US does without out 'limited assistance' in manpower and equipment, not to mention the political importance of their 'coalition'.

    I have also noticed our backing over whatever the US does could not be recipricated by them over the recent nonsense over the falklands. I would like to thank the US for backing us, or should I say sitting on the fence.

    I am sorry if this post seems very anti US, I can assure you that it is not the case, but I am very much against the absolute twaddle in the broadcast and the lack of respect shown to all those who have fallen.

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  4. Ted Lockwood

    Graham –

    You're right. I've fought next to the Brits on more than one occasion and would be proud to have them stand with me again. I don't lump your troops in with the "Europeans". I call them friends and true allies – ones we can trust like our own. I know if they're on my right I don't have to worry about the bad guys getting through.They aren't ones to cut and run or give up when the battle gets tough.

    You can be proud of your UK forces. They've done and continue to do well. (and that's saying something coming from someone who sweated in the desert with them).

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  5. rob brander

    hey guy's!! i'm a proud canadian and very proud of what our own troops have contributed and sacrificed.9 years later, 138 lives, 18 billion dollars for a country of 33 million, i think thats a pretty good contribution, for a war thats not going to end and another countries foreign policy that intially stirred the pot!! you've got guys running around in 12th century wardrobes,toting ak-47's and rpg's, who you guys will be chasing[not canadian troops, were leaving next year thank god]for the next 100 years. you americans don't want this to stop there's too much business involved here,you can thank blackwater and haliburton for this. you folks throw a billion dollars at these companies like a10 dollar bill and you still can't give millions of your own folks health care coverage!! a korean war veteran told me the other day"theres too much money being made off this conflict, they don't want to catch the big fish anyway"and as this veteran walked out with his tim hortons coffee. he turned to me, and with a mischievous grin stated "they couldn't track a wet rat across a dry cement floor"

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  6. Daniel

    I don't worry to much about the future of NATO troops as they continue to get vitually unlimited funding as these countries will without fail support the United States,Great Britain and France in their insidious quest to dominate the Middle East.Today,there is not one leader in Europe who has any more morals than a woodlouse or more scruples than a mobster.These money grubbing fools will do anything the right-wing fanatics in London,Washington or Paris tells them to do.

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  7. Rich

    NATO is a obsolete organization that has no real future. The prospect of a red sea of soviet armor pouring into eastern europe has waned, sure Russisa is willing to rollover tiny countries that are not part of the alliance like Georgia, but at it's current military strength Russia is no match for the individual major European Countries like say Germany let alone a alliance of many military powerhouses. How many tanks did Georgia have? 1 or 2 Battallions that had to face 2 Armored Divisions? And of those 300+ tanks 30%+ of them were unfit for combat due to disrepair? So what is the purpose of the Alliance again? NATO should go the way of the dinosaurs and a new economic alliance be formed perhaps to include Russia itself and China. Better to deal with enemies around a table of economic discussion then a battlefield littered with tanks.

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  8. A. Smith, Oregon

    The NATO troops are wondering if their mission of plug as many residents in Afghanistan that look suspicious is viable for its organization which was designed to battle a straight up match with the USSR. America is likely going to find far fewer allies on its middle east crusades in the future.

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  9. Karl Simpson

    I take issue with village elders stating that they need "proof" of Afghan government support against threats made by the Taliban.

    Either the elders believe in a way of life and government that gives them the freedom to choose their own destiny or they choose a quasi-fascist guerilla movement who threatens their very existence. Yes, I realize their struggle in that decision but ultimately if they're ready tp submit to terrorist' threats and actions without fighting against them, then the US should NOT continue to fight in Afghanistan. Apparently, only brute force resonates in the country and given the US is an open, democratic country, the US cannot apply the type of force needed to subdue the central Asian country. If another 9/11 originating from Afghanistan should happen, then the US should use any means to destroy the threat for the foreseeable future.

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  10. Graham

    You talk of Europe as though it were a country. It's an economic block. A little more close knit than NAFTA but similar in nature. To talk of what armed contribution Europe can or cannot make is nonsense. Additionally, as a UK citizen I take exception to your lumping of reasonably well equipped and very well trained UK forces under the banner of useless Europeans.

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