February 26th, 2010
11:10 AM ET
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  1. PiersMorganStinks

    Physically, women can't compete with men. Yes, they can shoot a rifle with the best but if a hand to hand combat situation were to happen, women could not handle a much more violent culture that is a staple of the Middle East.

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  2. Quitina Gibbs

    I am in the process of deciding whether i am going to join the Army, but I can't help but to think will I get sent off to war. I think about this everyday as I get into shape. I really wanna know at these times is it really safe to go to the army and put my trust (life) in the Army?

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    • PiersMorganStinks

      If you're worried about being sent to war, you answered your own question. You are not military material. Nothing bad about it but if you're worried, you will fail.

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  3. Charles Borkman Baltimore,MD

    a young women that i know from high school is anxious to join the marine corps just to enter combat and dare i say " take some names " but she knows little of the insurgency in afghanistan and upon asking her if she knew anything of whats going on there via news and various articles she srugged and said she didnt need to know. my conclusion is very simple, i cannot speak for many of the young women who wish to enter combat but is this flux being caused by patriotism or just sexist remarks, i know my friend is going due to her pride but if you choose to goto comabt then go for the right reasons not for the reason of a pissing contest. my recent comment on this matter was agianst women combatants for a different reason but this time i encourage it as long as its for the right reason, not just to prove the continuous cycle " anything you can do i can do ". if its not for the right reasons its just plain and simple borderline recklessnes and idiocracy

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  4. ibrahim

    The us army did not pull them into the force did they?after all they past all the military drills so what do they expect.Is all about gender right?

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  5. rob amiot

    Great discourse by the Marine Sergeant. He essentially says the same as my concerns for combat continuity through physical strength.

    As a former Grunt or Infantry Officer I have to tell you that in my Cavalry Squadron in Germany – thus nothing like your Combat Zone – we did indeed have separate field latrines – We closed the showers off to all male troops at scheduled interfals – Your described hygiene issue is incomprehensible to me –

    You are a tough Armed Force, yet allow your Commanders to be neglegent about your personal health and welfare is absolute mismanagement – The female element has nothing to do with this atball – hygiene is hygiene – I am of the Viietnam era and led my troops back to water holes – which I realize you do not have – to wash up – or go to base for a 24 hour break, on my request. Women on the front or grunt front lines are not necessary – their roll is essential, as you cited as communications experts and thousands of other close to combat related jobs. The showers are essential and part of the needs of every GI in or out of Combat.

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  6. Sergeant USMC

    The issue nobody ever considers is this. Being a combat veteran and an infantry rifleman, I have seen the front lines and am familiar with them. I have personally seen women that could handle combat. However, with the stresses of combat and lack of sleep due to a high volume patrol schedule. I have seen men get into fist fights and worse over stupid problems. ( i.e. waiting for the one hot meal you get a day and they didn't bring enough meatballs for everyone to have one.) Now, add a handful of women to an all male unit, and you've added a whole new dynamic to issues that can arise. Also, when I deployed for the invasion, we lived in holes in the desert and ran seventy nine days without a shower. We did not even get mail every week. We had no comfort items in tow with us, just ammo, trucks, and HMMV's. When we settled a forward operating base, they brought in a communication element that had females with them. They brought with them showers, a chow hall with hot food, and a whole mess of support units. When we tried to use the showers we were told that the showers were female only. We were told by their battalion commander ( a LtCol) that a unit that has females is required to have shower trailers (to prevent peeping toms) and a gynecologist on staff with the unit. That kind of extra luggage doesn't have the ability to travel with an offensive ground combat unit. Just a couple of thoughts to toss into the mix

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  7. a us marine

    being a marine myself,i have no doubt some women marines can do the same thing as their male counterparts,but also i am a combat veteran and with that said,i truly belive as young men we were taught to protect women and that being the case a male marine or soldier may do something without thinking to try to protect the women,in which case he may die.i know the same thing could be said about male counterparts,but like i said men feel the need to protect women and that will always be in their minds and could cloud their judgement.other countries have used women in combat for years it works for them because their views on women are different than what americans are taught.my apoligies to any women who are offended by this.

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  8. rob amiot

    Of course a female applicants should be able to choose the "when and what" she wishes to do in the military – I think this is probably more so in the Services of Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Physical strength is a dilemma – I was an instruction at the US Ranger Training Camp, Dahlonega, Georgia, when we "experimented" with female West Point Cadets who were allowed the training – Mentally and organizationally NO issue – the separation came after long periods of continuous training with little sleep and severe pressure on all – We sadly lost the 7 person female squad, some of them dropping out at Fort Benning, what we called the City Camp, some at my location in George, and finally the remaining at the 3rd Ranger Company at Eglin Air Force Base – If some how we could lighten the loads, the physical stress and lack of sleep – I have no doubt females can finish the tough course – As is the case no breaks can be granted due to gender.

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  9. Charles Borkman Baltimore,MD

    I really dont think women should be allowed in combat. If a man gets injured in combat then men around him are used to the fact of this happening, however if a young women is seen injured or even kia in the battlefield its very critical on the troops morale and could cause psychological stress. i based this conclusion on a census from my marines while i was deployed in afghanistan as their platoon corpsman.

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  10. Daniel

    When women get a taste for killing,it's indicative of the society they live in.Most women I know want to give lives not take them.But I guess times are changing and it;s very sad to see women become anxious to take young lives.Maybe if they only knew the pain and suffering involved,they might reflect and engage in more peaceful endeavours.If any woman is reading this,believe me,there is no glory in war,only pain and misery unlike what all those right-wing fanatics in Washington say.Please do not believe those lying right-wing politicians who value only themselves and care nothing about the rest of us.

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  11. Colleen

    Not only should American women be able to choose whether or not they wish to engage in combat, I think it would be wise to allow Afghanistan women do the same. Who has better reason to see the Taliban defeated than Afghanistan women? We have a moral obligation not only to train the men in Afghanistan, but to train and arm the women to defend themselves.

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  12. Joe Kelley

    As a man, I know for a fact that women can do everything we can do. Considering I personally know what we can do, this is easy for me to say. And considering my life is devoted to the Corps, I can say that I know what men and women alike are capable of in combat.

    We need to let women on the frontlines! They are devoted to their military just as men are. If they have the ability to do something, they should be allowed to do it.

    And letting them go out on the frontlines would be another reason why America is the greatest country with the most freedom and the best military in the world! Oorah! Let 'em serve!

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    • gary stanton

      i am a former marine also probably older tha your father. women are not physically capable of the rigors of ground combat. can they run as fast,can they jump as high,can they compete phsically with men-no. intellectually they are equal, use them in non combat roles, just as we did in the war we won, good old ww-2.

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  13. Elle M Estrada

    This issue is completely sexist when it comes to women not being allowed to join men in combat

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  14. rob amiot

    Depending on physical strength and training I have no objection – easily done from my armchair – with women in combat – My daughter is a helicopter pilot, while she is not now assigned to a ground element per se – she is in support of both Army and Marines and tells me that she at times would like to lead those in ground combat – But there are greater need for troops in non-combat positions, which women will fill and probably will perform better – such as pilots, operations specialists, logisticians etc. To bring them to a fox-hole is not a necessity with recruitment up to par and meeting military requirements. Let the women do the job which will support the "grunts and cannon cockers best". We need not have female GIs killed in action when the ratios are so low – men vs women- in the military.

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  15. A. Smith, Oregon

    If America and its Allies are going to win the war against Muslim extremists, they need to have more Women in combat roles across the ongoing battle zones.

    America from DAY ONE should have constructed safe houses and half-way housing for Muslim Women that wanted to leave the Muslim religion and not be murdered for doing so.

    Muslim extremists including their Clerics greatly fear women in positions of power and will do everything they possibly can to prevent them from obtaining those goals and positions. The best way to combat that is for America to place as many woman in service as possible into as many combat roles as possible in all Middle Eastern war zones.

    Muslim women have been historically the main victim of the Taliban across Afghanistan, America's Military should have from day-one worked to help Muslim women that wanted to leave that religion and region to do so safely and without being executed by the Taliban for doing so. The penalty of leaving the Muslim religion is DEATH for those that do not know this already.

    Many Hindu homes in nearby India have taken in Muslim women that left the Muslim religion and converted to another religion. Many of them had been severely beaten and tortured prior to their escape into India. America should be helping these women whose plights are much more immediate than helping Cuban baseball players to defect!

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  16. Dan Nelson Lafayette,IN

    I can't hear your report Barbara because I have no speakers on my computer but I'm sure it is good reporting. Anyway if women have it their hearts and souls to combat these terrorists which the Taliban are, then they should be able to join our young men in combat.

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