February 20th, 2010
05:45 PM ET
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  1. Harman

    T.Leslie i agree 100%.
    one more thing i feel poor aghans have not done as much damage to U.S as pakistani "madrasas" have. Main thing for a society to exit, i believe is the "idiology". U.S is good at technology and weapons but when it comes to changing the attitude of a nation they should read some history for sure. Japanese and Germans will come to U.S one day with koreans and vietnamese, then what......noone forgets the history, if our race can preserve its history for more than 3000 years without paper and pen, then..can the future be built with weapons...no way.
    Nato is a puppet at the moment and ofcourse it will be the superpower in future, but can't it be done ASAP?

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  2. Devis Sri lanka

    Re: Idea canon and T. Leslie I agree 100%

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  3. Bob, CLE

    Why are we in Afghanistan? Do you people have a clue?

    Does anyone remember those two giant buildings in NY that aren’t there anymore?

    History proves that you don’t just go to war and leave… Japan, Germany and South Korea had pretty good long term outcomes… Oh yea and we’re still there. We never left… If we do it right we are never going to leave completely.

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  4. IdeaCanon

    Its not the military that is stupid for playing the detente game with terrorist. Considering that most terrorist leaders- sometimes the groups themselves- have some kind of historic partnership with US politicians, it is evident of who is responsible for the present relationship problems.

    The political agendas that drive the US military grand strategies are what put American lives in jeopardy.

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  5. T.Leslie, Pennsylvania

    Does this smell familar?
    Has this tactic proved itself reliable and or beneficial to U.S. interest in the long term?
    Who are the nut-jobs that keep pushing this type of money for "loyalty" agenda?
    Didn't we use this similiar type of tactic in Afghanstain once before? oh yeah they flew a plane into our buildings.

    All anyone can say in reply to this is-
    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    _Albert Einstein

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  6. max

    Why are we in Afaganastan?
    I thought we are looking for bin laden.
    The only way we'll get bin laden is when he dies laughing because of how stupid the American military is

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  7. Dan Nelson Lafayette,IN

    I agree that we should not be paying off the Taliban to reunite to the newly democratic nation. These people will not give up their jihad with bribes and in the end they will be continuing their effort to kill anyone who want freedom and democracy to reign in Afghanistan!

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  8. A. Smith, Oregon

    Psst, we'll give you 500 Million American taxpayer freshly minted 100 dollar bills in the bank of your choosing if you lay down your arms!

    Meanwhile, the story goes America does not have the money to help the thousands of Native American children desperately trying to survive the horrific back to back blizzards blanketing North and South Dakota reservations without electrical power, adequate clothing, adequate food and shelter.

    Typically any agreement's between Muslim's and Infidels which involve a payment for acceptance is not held to be valid longer than 1 full year before the payment is either once again made or the agreement is considered null and void.

    Besides, President Karzi would likely be the sole individual that would line his own pockets with such an immense bribe and very little of the monetary bribe would go anywhere other than President Karzi's greedy hands.

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