February 20th, 2010
05:31 PM ET

Dutch role in Afghanistan in doubt as govt. collapses

The future of around 2,000 Dutch soldiers serving in Afghanistan has been thrown into doubt by the collapse Saturday of the Netherlands' coalition government. Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende's office said in a statement that the Labor Party had withdrawn from the government following days of talks over whether the troops should be brought home.

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  1. Cwindy

    The number of Dutch compared to the U.S. and others are somwhat a minor head count but most dif appreciated. Combat is what it is and there is only one mistake allowed and that is the last one. Civilians that live in harms way are always subject to know first hand about agression from both parties involved. I hope the Dutch remain allies to the others and all are to be congraulated on a job well done. Now will the Afg people appreciate the sacrafice? Years will tell I suppose.

    February 25, 2010 at 9:08 am | Report abuse |
  2. Sandra

    @ barten; no no, this is not a right picture that you're showing! The Netherlands stated, CLEARLY, that they leave in 2010. I, fot instance, am glad that the labour party did tjhis. Balkenende onkly wants to look good for the world en has no ears for what the people want.
    The netherlands is there from the beginning, and as a little country they spended more dan any other partner. The people of holland are paying for it, as they also have to pay for the financiel crisis en aid that had been given to banks. Common, it was clearly! The labour party just stayed with the agreement; it ends in 2010. Another partner had to take over.
    The NATO knew that. I blame the NATO for the fall.
    hey shoudn't have ask for help anymore, as it was clear that the dutch would leave. Ask another partner!
    The dutch are tired of politicians kissing the feet op the americans en leaving the people with there own problems.
    I, as one, don't care what the rest of the world thinks. Let other'partners'be ashamed, like france, spain etc, They are bigger but won't send more troops either. They were not even there from the beginning.

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  3. A. Smith, Oregon

    The UK citizens are actively working to bring War Crimes charges against former Prime Minister Tony Blair, it appears the Dutch citizens are actively working on similar revelations regarding unlawful means to participate in the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars.

    It looks like a growing blow-back on the lies and extortion used to force America, Great Britain and its Allies into war against Afghanistan and in Iraq.

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  4. Barten

    I really blame the Labor party fot his irresponsible behavior. It is only because of the municipal elections that the leader of that party, that is having dramatic poll figures, pulled of this stunt. With this stupid move, the only thing he achieves is a bad reputation for the Netherlands, new elections, which he is going to loose, and more votes for Geert Wilders(nationalistic right wing party).


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  5. Desmaster

    Folks please look back a few years and you will see from the newspapers, research, books, and report that we (the US) unilaterally started the war in Iraq and then pressured partners to participate. This explains the low numbers of soldiers contributed by the 'partners'. They, and we, also knew that Iraq was the wrong war as most of the terrorists were in Afghanistan. The partners also understood that we launched this war under false pretext: we were after the terrorists, uh, no, we were after WMD, uh, no, we meant to go after Sadam, uh, no, we really meant to rebuild Iraq, etc. The bottom line is that the Dutch are in a sense 'throwing the bums (our politicians) out." If only we had so much common sense.

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