February 18th, 2010
07:00 PM ET
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  1. Daniel

    I find it very nauseating to keep hearing about how the U.S. and NATO troops are "bringing democracy to Afghanistan".It's no more no less the sinister plot of the United States,Great Britain and France to gain control of the Middle East in disguise.Especially when the people in the News Media keep touting coalition victories.What they won't tell you is most of the people living there are having their loved ones slaughtered and their property destroyed.I expect to see many phoney demonstrations over how glad the people are to be rid of the Taliban and have the foreigners come and so-called "liberate" their village.

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  2. Dausi

    To the mothers and fathers of Service personnel: may your loved-one return safely and in one piece.
    But what I hear from you is typical SUPER POWER ATTITUDE.
    super powers seem to belief they can do what they want in the name of National security, Democracy or the benefit of the Proletariat.
    They got the big guns and therefore have to be right.
    Democracy is a nice thing but older societies, like the tribal world in Afghanistan, have existed for a very long time.

    Do what ever we need to do to achieve our objectives!
    What is our purpose in Iraq again?
    I didn't forget it because it never was clear to me in the first place.
    I only know one thing: The Iraqis did not "invite" us to clear out their "weapons of mass destruction".
    (which now are being built in Iran).
    Nor did Afghanistan solicit our help.
    But we are there and have to deal with it the best we can.
    If our objective is to destroy Al-Qaida , then we must defeat the Taliban.
    And to make that victory last (if we manage to do that), we need to establish a legitimate and stable Afghani government.
    But here is one problem: the Taliban are an intricate part of that country.
    Unlike us, they can not just pack up and leave. So we will have to deal with them sooner or later.
    Or would you just kill them all and let god sort them out (and then which good ).
    Let's be constructive and "win the hearts and minds of the people by showing them some consideration.
    Meaning: do not bomb them into submission as in the society of "an eye for an eye" reprisals will follow which then will target your loved ones.

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  3. KG

    I agree Maritta... I know many of us do. I have a loved one there, too. Thanks for your comment.

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  4. Maritta

    I have a marine son that fought in Iraq and is now going to Afghanistan. I don't understand why the US is so worried about injuring or killing people from other nations and not worried about giving as much protection to our own troops. In the news, they say how many civilians are injured/killed first, and then our casualties are a footnote at best. We should be worrying about our own troops first, and not try to make friends of the locals who tolerate/support our enemies. We have to make sure our troops are well supplied with food and weapons and eliminate the current B.S. rules of engagement that make our children sitting ducks. We should get in, do what ever is necessary to achieve our military goals, and get out. I am an American, and I feel even one American life is worth more than complacent civilians or our enemies. Our political leaders do not have the stake that we the common citizens have in protecting our sons and daughters. It is about time that the people of the US take care of our own and stop worrying about others. We should adopt to the rules of the enemy when needed to protect our own.

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  5. M. Plaisted

    Amen, I couldn't have said it better!

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  6. Ajaz

    Why are you not learning your lessons.You are not the super power you think you are.You made a mess of it in Vietnam,Somalia,Iraq and now you have got yourself into an unending mess in Afghanistan . And what for?
    To give democracy to the Afghans.What don't you try to help democracy in Egypt, Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Algeria and Jordan.
    You Americans are wasting your time and precious lives in Afghanistan.Read the history of this nation and learn your lessons.Leave them alone to sort out their problems.

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  7. A. Smith, Oregon

    The heart of Afghanistan’s problems, Akmal Dawi of the NGO Afghanistan Rights Monitor asserts, lies in Kabul’s Presidential Palace, not in remote provinces. His priorities: "improve governance, stop corruption, stop the drug trade and make better use of international aid."

    Yes, entirely. A very corrupt Presidential Leader (Karzi and his Opium exporting brother), heavy graft and extortion by Govt. officials handpicked by Karzi, 98% of the worldwide Opium and Heroin production and nearly all International aid goes to pad the Presidential Pockets with very little reaching Afghani residents.

    With the CIA propping up President Karzi and his Opium exporting brother, and telling the American and Allied Commanders 'Hands off the Opium Fields', the blood and lives of the brave American and Allied soldiers fighting in Afghanistan is for naught.

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