February 14th, 2010
09:42 AM ET

Marjah residents: Taliban taking over homes

CNN's Atia Abawi, embedded with U.S. troops in Marjah, reports on the fighting on Sunday. Some residents tell her Taliban have taken over their homes in the fight.

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  1. Liz USMC Mom

    Sharon, Vivian, W Hoffman my son is there fighting along side yours to free the residents of Marjah from the deadly grips of the Taliban. For all of you supporters, Thank you. I appreciate your support.

    In American we have freedom of speech, and freedom of opinion... unlike the citizens of Marjah would live under threat of harm or death if they deviate from taliban stringent rules. I am prourd that Our Sons are helping to change that for them.

    With that, I say this, I respect the views of others and their right to have those views but, I also appreciate it when even those with opposing views/opinions can still show respect to our troops & their families. Anything less is just plain cruel (you know who you are).

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  2. Kathie

    I would like Ali or one of the reporters to ask a military leader why they are not protecting the borders to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
    There are already reports of the Taliban infiltrating into these countries. Tajikistan is 90% mountainous and a great hiding place to wait out the US military,until they leave.
    Tajikistan is also a route for transporting supplies, for the military. I would think they would want that route protected.
    With Russia and Iran courting Tajikistan,the US must protect and control that area....it is key to the US for many reasons.
    We need to get into the mindset of the people in that area,they are used to mountain life,hardships,fighting,lack of basic neccessities-food,water,medicine,electricity...they are survivors. Most are good people,and also want free of the control of the Taliban.
    My thoughts ,prayers and unending thanks and support to all those there on behalf of the United States of America,..the military,aid organizations,embassy representatives and media..

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  3. N.Capid

    There will be more wars! Keep up the pressure, they may realize something need to be changed for good. We're not dumb to sit on a couch watching things like that, You need to act when we are capable. Sacrifices are always there. Good luck men & women on the front lines. GOD PROTECT

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  4. ige

    U go to other people's country, kill the inhabitants, and still want to be safe & sound?
    well think again, Afghanistan will be the graveyard of NATO forces, just like the mongols, the russians, the british & THE late alexander the great

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  5. vivian natal

    please pray for my son lclp.ortiz, god bless all and america stand by them.v.natal boston mass

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  6. A. Smith, Oregon

    If civilians do not wish to leave a war zone, they have very little to complain about when it goes entirely wrong. The Taliban that are entrenched in Marjah are of course going to barge into various homes filled with civilians and either kick them out or force them to surround them as human shields.

    These civilians expected these gangs of thugs armed with machine guns to do what instead? To not kick in their doors, not plant IED's at the entry to their stores?

    What is truely pathetic is these same people turned a blind eye as the Taliban planted thousands of IED's in the roads and bridges for the past month in Marjah, and now are pleading and begging the American and Allied troops to remove the IED's the Talibaners placed at the entrance to their shops and store fronts.

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  7. W Hoffman, Va.

    My son is there and this is not as easy as you think. These people have been literally held hostage by the Taliban..Their homes are their businesses and they are booby trapped. They have done this to their own people in some instances. The people are glad to have us there and want to be liberated from these cowards who are literally hiding behind the robes of the women and children.. We will liberate the city and start rebuilding/building an infrastructure that is desperately needed there.

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  8. Ruth J

    There is an enormous difference between unfortunate, accidental casualties of war, and casualties caused by indiscriminate disregard for human life. NATO has stated over and over the objective, and that is to avoid civilian casualty.
    It is impossible to calculate the number of teenagers that have already been killed by the Taliban and their sympathizers. Not to mention those who were destined to be killed by them – the very old, the very young, the infirm, whole families – anyone who they deemed to cross them or be a threat to their agenda. War is hell but hopefully will bring a fast end to a time of terror that could have dragged out for God knows how many more years.

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  9. Dan Nelson Lafayette,IN

    #4) The 2 teenagers were injured and treated by our medics and let go. But twelve civilians were killed by rocket fire. They were told to leave because of the operation was near but they stayed and ended up losing their lives. The population should adhere to our warnings or help our forces find where the Taliban are then they would be safe.–

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  10. L. Davis

    2 Afghan. teenagers were killed. I dont think they were sympathizers. Where do they go?
    do you know how poor/scary/hopeless this area is? May heart breaks for the civilians who want the Taliban/Al Queda OUT of their country. Read "Stones into Schools".

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  11. Sharon

    Please pray for my son and his marines who are right in the middle of this firefight.

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  12. Kolawole Ajao

    Since NATO troops have already besieged the whole of Marjah,Taliban will be easy to get.

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  13. Dan Nelson Lafayette,IN

    I say that we gave the residents of Marjah plenty enough time to evacuate and those who have not left are mostly Taliban sympathizers giving refuge to the Taliban. Let NATO go in full force and do not worry about collateral damage until they hold up a white flag and surrender! Only if the residents are held captive by the Taliban should we be cautious.

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