February 11th, 2010
08:59 AM ET

Talking with some Marjah residents-turned-refugees

As ISAF and Afghan forces are about to launch a large operation in Helmand province, thousands of people are fleeing the area. We met some  refugees who chose dire conditions in a make-shift refugee camp rather than stay and wait for the fighting to begin. ISAF is urging Afghans not to leave their villages, but many say they have already become victims of the violence.

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  1. aj sarwari

    i am so happy because of operation mushtark NATO God bless them i hope they are success

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  2. L.

    "ISAF is urging Afghans not to leave their villages", I wonder if ISAF would bring their wives, babies, and grandbabies to this village and tell them not to leave while it is blown up. Out of touch with reality and apparently with humanity...

    February 13, 2010 at 12:35 am | Report abuse |
  3. Elke, Germany

    What should these poor people do? Staying at home between the US/Nato forces and the Taliban? After bearing so much violence, I can understand their fear. And in addition to that, they just have enough to live and may lose it when the offensive will start. That is not a bright future.
    To be honest, I´m always stunned, when I see the conditions these people have to live in. No trust in the Afghan government, not knowing if the promised help after the battle will reach them.
    On the other hand I´m afraid, if the offensive will reach the aim. I don´t know how the foreign forces are able to decide, who the a "normal" Afghan and who is a Taliban?
    And to the fight itself: A fight in such a waste terrain must be very hard, especially when the troops get the order to minimize the casualties. I would say pay attention or you will stick in the mud between all fronts.
    After the critical incidents in the last days, that suicide bombers or Afghans had used poilice or army uniforms to conduct bomb attacks, the trust between the foreign troops and the Afghan Army will tend to zero. It´s important that they can rely on each other.
    Only some of my thought to that. A view from far away in Germany. I hope it will end for all sides in a good way.

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