February 4th, 2010
10:11 AM ET

Spokesman: Pakistani Taliban leader alive, in hiding

Islamabad, Pakistan - Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud is alive and remains in hiding, a spokesman for the group told CNN Thursday. "Hakimullah Mehsud is alive and he is our chief," said spokesman Azim Tariq. "All the reports regarding his death are propaganda."

Tariq said Mehsud remains in hiding because he is being targeted by U.S. drone attacks but "is still in command of the mujahedeen." Authorities have been looking into reports that Mehsud died after being wounded last month in a drone attack.

One news report, citing local sources and a correspondent, said he died and was buried. But Pakistani and U.S. officials said they have not been able to confirm Mehsud's status. Tariq provided no proof to CNN that Mehsud is alive.

The U.S. military routinely offers no comment on reported attacks by the pilotless aircraft, but it's the only country operating in the region known to have the ability to launch missiles from the remote-controlled aircraft.

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  1. Someone

    what is it with u larry???

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  2. Larry

    That is what happens when You try to save civilians lives... The Person You want dead is still alive!!! Why do You think so many People are killed with Bombs??? Because they don't give any worning!!!

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